back of beyond in Sweden. #conquestofdough #letthemeatcake

delighted to find my source noes for this song written bacjk in 2011

Over 1000 listens/views for an original song is actually quite good for an original song by a nobody in the back of beyond in Sweden.

Published on Apr 26, 2011

I’m Happy with the arrangement of this now and the Lyric. I am working on an instrumental break/bridge and introduction but basically I am happy with this now as a song and feel very passionately about the message behind the song itself writing it has helped me deal with a great deal of anger which I am glad I have not had to internalise or express in some of the more destructive ways I have used as crutches in the past.…

Hi Roger Nice setting for an acoustic session….the birds in the background…lovely. The songs coming on a treat and lends itself well to an acoustic treatment. Best wishes to you and yours Take care Steve

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