Sand Box for the Carbon BAsed Currency End Game?!/tonefreqhz/5csy7vpz Roger Lewis 42 mins ·  OK Legitimate question. Does Jared Kushner have any interests in the Leviathan Gas field or any of the Israeli backed Pipeline projects? #MAGA#Drain The Swamp. Starting to dig around will report back. Like Roger Lewis Ruby Iqbal shared Going Zirzamin's post. 17 hrs · Image may contain: 3 people, meme and text...See More … Continue reading Sand Box for the Carbon BAsed Currency End Game?

Pedophiles Rule the World

Roger Glyndwr Lewis‏ @RogerGLewis  1m1 minute agoMorePedophiles Rule the World  via @YouTube #MAGA #Draintheswamp #NeoConCoupThis is a disturbing piece of the Jigsaw puzzle of socio-economic and political control.Roger Glyndwr Lewis‏ @RogerGLewis 1m1 minute agoMore Pedophiles Rule the World via @YouTube #MAGA #Draintheswamp #NeoConCoup CHILD ABUSE RESEARCH CENTER Beyond the Dutroux Affair: the X-Dossiers''La Nebuleuse'': the ATLAS … Continue reading Pedophiles Rule the World