Pedophiles Rule the World

This is a disturbing piece of the Jigsaw puzzle of socio-economic and political control.Roger Glyndwr Lewis‏ @RogerGLewis 1m1 minute ago
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It took a while before the Superclass Child Abuse Research Center (SCARE) was added to ISGP’s list of study centers, but so much information can be found on the subject of VIP child abuse on this site that it really needs to have a decent oversight.

My major problem with the subject is that it is so ridiculously negative that one can’t help but feel tainted just by studying and writing about it. I’ve usually pushed the material back to the bottom of ISGP because of it, but, intriguingly, Beyond the Dutroux Affair is by far the most popular article I’ve ever written. Clearly many people are absolutely fascinated with the darkest corners of human desire.

Luckily the subject is rapidly becoming less and less controversial. In fact, in recent years the topic of high level child abuse networks has become almost mainstream looking at the amount of scandals reported in the press. Especially in Great Britain every few months and certainly every few years another former politician or VIP is tied to child sexual abuse. Allegations of a systematic cover-up by Special Branch have also become commonplace. It’s really quite amazing all the things exposed through the regular media all of a sudden.

Then again, are they exposes? Does all this child abuse really happen? Most certainly there’s quite a bit of manipulation going on. The Dutch Demmink affair is a very good example of this. Here we have various high officials accused of child abuse, but the ”activists” doing the exposing are all linked to conservative American national security interests. On top of that, many witnesses, even those appearing on national television, have provided very questionable testimony, with, for some reason, only homosexuals being exposed. There’s absolutely no doubt that there is some kind of politicial agenda operating in the background here.

The situation is somewhat different in countries as England, France and Belgium, and in my experience with the Belgian model, hidden behind very prominent false accusations are often very real hidden ones by different victim-witnesses but which remain locked away in police dossiers.

One thing we can say with absolute certainty is that in high society internationally there is an incredible amount of disinterest in accusations of child abuse against peers. No matter what the accusations, whether it’s fondling a boy or sadistic rape and torture, the career of a superclass VIP never really seems to suffer. They usually walk away with friends and colleagues in government and big business staunchly denouncing the accusations as “preposterous” or “outrageous” without demanding any kind of serious investigation. It’s really quite bizarre.

Of course, always a major danger is disinformation. It’s relatively easy to promote a small army of bogus victim-witnesses who accuse everyone in high society of everything and in no time nobody will be paying attention anymore. It has happened on many occasions already and it’s probably not the last time we’ve seen this phenomenon.


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