Textual Analysis. Neo Liberalism emerges from the Closet.

N-Gram a textual search tool from Google provides a quick and dirty tool with which to find the frequency of words or phrases within the database of Over 5 million books containing500 billion words. This blog introduces the tool.


Here is a link to the Official tool, which allows you to place embed code of your generated queries into HTML documents.


This is a very concise and useful youtube introduction to the basics of the tool.

Here is a graph I have wanted to plot for a long time. References to ´The Elites´or ´Elites´,
´Elite this´, ´The Elites That´became more and more noticeable to me in conversation after the Millenium turned when I was at University in the 1980´s it was not something I think I specifically recall being mentioned even in Sociology lectures.

Monetarism, Elitism, the Elites and Neo-Liberal I contend have been interchangeable references to the Political so-called centre Ground. The Centre Ground is an extreme ideological theory of Political economy based upon a sort of Timonism that maintains a very low opinion of human nature.
Carol Quigley divides views on human nature over The past centuries Thus. I quote him in these stanza’s of my found poem Globalisation Unentangled.

If centuries be epochs with peculiar discretion

19th, 20th, 21st a behind hand review
19th innate goodness of man, nationalism
20th Fallen man Calvinist rule, Globalism.
For the 21st partisans for patronage
Putin and the bear Nationalism
Trump and the Eagle InterNationalism
Corbyn of the uncommon people interNationalism
Farage of the common people Nationalism
Well, May? You ask Globalism, Atlanticism
Within the Elysian bosom suckling Globalism on the right 
Internationalism on the left restricted by two tits. A binary mammary conundrum, for PIIGS, have many teets. On which teet will elites suckle, 
ONLY formula for the masses.

See P. 24 Tragedy and Hope Europes Shift to the twentieth century.

This is just a cursory browse through this tool but I think it is encouraging with respect to my proposition that elitism and overt justification of inequality has been gradually acclimated and now
we see that Neo-Liberalism is not afraid to stand up and declare itself. So What is it? See video at end of Post.






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