Timonism, The Calvinist strain in Neo Liberal Misanthropy. Zionism, The Money Power Usury and The Petro Dollar. Fall of the Roman Empire 2.0. #OccupyTheEuropeanSpring

Animated GIF-downsized_large (10)Some Books and Themes Informing a Cynical and not Timonist view of Neo-Liberal Fascism.


“A beastly ambition, which the gods grant thee t’


attain to! If thou wert the lion, the fox would


beguile thee; if thou wert the lamb, the fox would


eat three: if thou wert the fox, the lion would


suspect thee, when peradventure thou wert accused by


the ass: if thou wert the ass, thy dulness would


torment thee, and still thou livedst but as a


breakfast to the wolf: if thou wert the wolf, thy



greediness would afflict thee, and oft thou shouldst



hazard thy life for thy dinner: wert thou the



unicorn, pride and wrath would confound thee and



make thine own self the conquest of thy fury: wert



thou a bear, thou wouldst be killed by the horse:



wert thou a horse, thou wouldst be seized by the



leopard: wert thou a leopard, thou wert german to



the lion and the spots of thy kindred were jurors on



thy life: all thy safety were remotion and thy



defence absence. What beast couldst thou be, that



were not subject to a beast? and what a beast art



thou already, that seest not thy loss in







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CALVIN SAID Belloc characterised the Reformation as

´´a rising of the rich against the poor´´,

´and indeed Calvin had written the unfortunate statement:

´´The people must always be kept in poverty in order that they remain obedient´´.


Shakespeare and the Triple Play: From Study to Stage to Classroom


Unconditional Election

Unconditional Election is the doctrine which states that God chose those whom he was pleased to bring to a knowledge of himself, not based upon any merit shown by the object of his grace and not based upon his looking forward to discover who would “accept” the offer of the gospel. God has elected, based solely upon the counsel of his own will, some for glory and others for damnation (Romans 9:15,21). He has done this act before the foundations of the world (Ephesians 1:4-8). This doctrine does not rule out, however, man’s responsibility to believe in the redeeming work of God the Son (John 3:16-18). Scripture presents a tension between God’s sovereignty in salvation, and man’s responsibility to believe which it does not try to resolve. Both are true — to deny man’s responsibility is to affirm an unbiblical hyper-calvinism; to deny God’s sovereignty is to affirm an unbiblical Arminianism. The elect are saved unto good works (Ephesians 2:10). Thus, though good works will never bridge the gulf between man and God that was formed in the Fall, good works are a result of God’s saving grace. This is what Peter means when he admonishes the Christian reader to make his “calling” and “election” sure (2 Peter 1:10). Bearing the fruit of good works is an indication that God has sown seeds of grace in fertile soil.

“Who seeks for better of thee, sauce his palate
With thy most operant poison! What is here?
Gold? yellow, glittering, precious gold? No, gods,
I am no idle votarist: roots, you clear heavens!
Thus much of this will make black white, foul fair,
Wrong right, base noble, old young, coward valiant.
Ha, you gods! why this? what this, you gods? Why, this
Will lug your priests and servants from your sides,
Pluck stout men’s pillows from below their heads:
This yellow slave
Will knit and break religions, bless the accursed,
Make the hoar leprosy adored, place thieves
And give them title, knee and approbation
With senators on the bench: this is it
That makes the wappen’d widow wed again;”
― William ShakespeareTimon of Athens








Professor Bruce Charlton’s Considers Nationalism in the Face of PC, the Catechism of Neo-Liberalism. Prof Charlton couches things in terms of Left and Right, Where there is no left or right just the There is No Alternative Centre Ground which engenders extremist ideology and zealotry that could only be dreamt of by past demagoguery´s perhaps there will be an awakening.

The Question according to The Good Prof.

Could resurgent nationalism save Western civilization from PC?

After secularization eroded religious cohesion in modernizing societies (from the 1700s), there was an era of secular nationalism in developed countries.And some opponents of PC see resurgent secular nationalism as an antidote to the cultural decline caused by political correctness.Accepting that political correctness is cultural suicide, and leaving aside the question of whether or not it would be beneficial, is it likely that resurgent secular nationalism can unify the Right and could reverse the cultural suicide of PC?*Nationalism is indeed a powerful unifier and motivator – perhaps the most powerful form of secularcohesion; because nationalism has potential to bring together all classes, both sexes, young and old, sometimes even several ethnicities and religions.*But a secular nationalism would nowadays have a strongly different character from most secular nationalisms of the past.A modern nationalism might perhaps save the nation (probably at the cost of fracturing it into smaller nations) – but it would not save the national culture.Furthermore, secular nationalisms of the past seem to have had little staying power – fading within only two or three generations.So nationalism would be – at best – a band-aid. But is it even that? 


Shelly should really have the last word.

‘And that slaughter to the Nation


Shall steam up like inspiration,



Eloquent, oracular ;



A volcano heard afar.

‘And these words shall then become



Like Oppression’s thundered doom



Ringing through each heart and brain.



Heard again—again—again—

‘Rise like Lions after slumber



In unvanquishable number—



Shake your chains to earth like dew



Which in sleep had fallen on you—



Ye are many—they are few.’



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