Theresa May is a CUNT.Conservative under Narrow Terms (CUNT) but wholly Neo Liberal.

Theresa may is a CUNT that is a Conservative under narrow terms. Theresa May is not a conservative and like Blairs Labour Party she represents the extreme fascist ideology of Neo-Liberalism.
Jeremy Corbyn is a wholly better choice for the National Interest vis, the ordinary population, although as with Brexit a Vote for the correct choice will attract punitive measures from the Global Oligarchy. Taking a lead from the post-2008 Bankers Crash Iceland is what is required or, indeed, the Swedish response to its own 1992 Crash.

These are CUNT´s

These Are Conservatives who Have Balls. That is these Gentlemen are not CUNTS they are Conservatives

I hope that the Labour Party team from the Democratic and not Blairite wing can place Neo-Liberalism squarely on the agenda for public debate, Conservatives should also be aware that May is a Neo-Liberal and not a Conservative, conservative sensibilities are best served by the conservative wing of UKIP, that is the Farage Wing, the reason traditionalist Labour Voters would vote UKIP when a Cabinet based consensus style of Executive would be the Corbyn Style is beyond me. We are not presidential we are a parliamentary democracy and voters are not choosing between Corbyn and May but a set of policies that will be implemented by proper reflection and not the personal decree of the prime minister. Thatcher and Blair set the trend away from the broader democratic and constitutional superiority of Cabinet Government to get back to that Road we need either a coalition or Labour Government.

Attack Mays Neo-Liberalism that is the key to winning this election. ATTACK NEO Liberalism and remember Theresa May is a CUNT as is, of course, Jeremy Hunt. Jacob Rees-Mogg I would like to add is not a CUNT he is an old fashioned Tory Toff and a proper Conservative, remember it is vitally important not to confuse ones Conservatives with CUNTS, Conservatives have the Balls to stand up for Conservative values and as we know CUNTS do not have Balls. That is apart from Blairite CUNTS who fielded the impotent ineffectual arch neo-liberal Ed Balls

Ed Balls is Blairite Labour Neo-Liberal CUNT, obvious in the video really.

In the US the Republicans Have RINOS
( Republicans in Name Only ). Our own Tories and Beloved Conservatives have become CUNTS or Conservatives under Narrow Terms.
Republican In Name Only

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Republican In Name Only is a pejorative term used by conservative members of the Republican Party of the United States to describe Republicans whose political views or actions they consider insufficiently conservative. The acronym RINO emerged in the 1990s.


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