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From the vault: money and the mind, a psychoanalysis

Some compelling Left realism to be found here with some great donation invited full downloads including podcasts and full PDF book
[Related topics came up earlier today on the Facebook, so I thought I’d post this excerpt from my book Wall Street (Verso, 1996/1997). You can download the whole book for free here. For a more “economic” analysis of money and gold, see From the vault: the gold fetish.]

Money, mind, and matter: a psychocultural digression

 Money is a kind of poetry.
— Wallace Stevens (1971, p. 165)
Who drinks on credit gets twice as drunk.
— Turkish proverb
One virtue of Keynes’s attention to psychology and sentiment is that it forces us to think about economics in a way that most economists find squishy and unscientific. This narrowness of vision has harmed the dismal science immeasurably.
Credit is money of the mind, as James Grant (1992) put it in a book title, though of course every now and then mental money faces an unpleasant coming to terms…
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Doug Henwood’s radio archives(since January 2006)

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For fifteen years, Doug Henwood did a radio show on WBAI, New York, covering economics and politics. When the interim program director, a mediocrity named Tony Bates, wanted to cut it back to every other week, he quit. For more on all this, see here and here. Fortunately, the show is still broadcast on KPFA, 94.1 FM Berkeley, Thursdays at noon. Here are the archived shows.
You can get the five most recent shows by visiting the show’s iTunes pageThe show is also available via Stitcher (web, iPhone, and Android).
People often ask about the theme. It’s “Wawshishijay (Our Beginning)” by Odo Addy from Pieces of Africa by the Kronos Quartet. I inherited it from WBAI’s late and much-missed program director, Samori Marksman, who gave me one night of his four-time-a-week show in 1995. After he died, I kept the theme in his memory.pciture of an old radio
Note that the dates of the shows are links. If you want to direct someone right to a specific show, copy that link.
TECHNICAL NOTES The files are in MP3 format, at two levels of fidelity – high (FM radio quality), at 128kbps (as of the December 20, 2012 show—before that they were 64kbps), and low (telephone quality), 16kbps. Shows are about 52 minutes long; the 128kbps versions are around 50 megabytes, and the 16kbps versions, around 6 megs. The old streaming option is no longer available; it had stopped working on some browsers and devices.
Thanks to Jordan Hayes of Bitway for hosting the archives.
For shows earlier than January 2013, click here.

April 27, 2017 Sebastian Budgen on the French election: the neoliberal vs. the neofascist • Sofia Japaridze on how foreign NGOs turned Georgia (the country) into a broke libertarian paradise


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