Tory Wets aginst Theresa. TWAT´s. Say no to CUNTs

Tory Wets aginst Theresa. TWAT´s



Reports have reached the ear of your correspondent that the little-remembered grouping of Conservatives from the 1980´s the Wets have formed an alliance against the Neo-Liberal infiltration of their party by the CUNT´s ( Conservatives under narrow terms). It is I am told likely that some Wet CUNT´s may defect to the TWAT campaign. The Conservatives who had already felt more comfortable with The UKIP TWATs grouping are considering defecting to the Tory TWAT camp.
The Wet TWATS allied with the Wet CUNT´s may well cause concern in both the Blairite CUNT wing of the NEW Labour neo-liberals And The Lib Dems who are CUNTs personified in any event.

Here your correspondence lets the Lib Dem CUNTs express themselves in their own words, some may think it best to allow them to stew in their own juices.

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TIM FARRON’s latest bid to force a second EU referendum today cleared an initial hurdle in the House of Commons.




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NICK CLEGG has been lambasted as he continues to demand a second referendum over Britain’s EU exit.



The war criminal Tony Blair has been active in discussion with Lytton Crosby seeking to stem the flow of Wet CUNTS from the Theresa May campaign and has been seeking more support from his fellow Neo-Liberal New Labour CUNTS for the May CUNT´s

Mr Balir stated,

´´Now is not a time for soundbites although I feel we CUNTs have the fist of history penetrating our inner sanctum. If we are to preserve our legacy we must stem the flow of Wet CUNTS AND Wet TWATS from our ranks
no true CUNT would consent to be open to the persuasion of their populist promises.´´

Try our CUNT explainer.

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