Hitler, False Prophet of Monetary Reform.


Hitler’s Finances and the Myth of Nazi Anti-Usury Activism

This is a thoughtful Article and there is some very lively fanaticism in the comments to provide more entertainment on a quiet Sunday Afternoon.Well worth a read in my opinion.
(Left: the Emperor wears no moustache……)
There is the widespread notion that Hitler was fighting the Money Power and that he was a problem for the Bankers because he created a Usury free economy. But there was no Usury free Third Reich economy. The German taxpayer continued to pay interest over the substantial national debt and commercial banking received interest for its fractional reserve banking based loans, which to a large extent financed the war.
“Our greatest social task is the abolition of interest slavery. This responsibility to abolish interest slavery towers above all other issues of the day. It is the only solution to the greatest problem of our time. The breaking of interest slavery is the most important moral imperative in social terms, it rises in its general significance far beyond all questions of the day, it is the solution of social questions, it is the only way…
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