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This was written during the 2017 General election before the capture or cloning of Jeremy Corbyn. This is the 2019 Brexit election the Establishment Elites in the Continuity Government (Sedwill) are seeking to noble the election. Bojo is a sock puppet for Globalisation, masquerading as a Classical Liberal free trader. Bojo is essentially Theresa May in drag.

Learn From 2010.

Learn Form the AV and Scottins Independence refereda

Learn From the 2015 GE

Learn From The Brexit referendum and Trumps 2016 #MAGA

Learn from the Euro Elections 2019

Learn from the post 2017 By Elections


Tactical Voting for soveriegn brexit candidates is the order of the day if you want an even playing field and not EUsssr Vassalage and Serfdom!

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As one grows older one naturally becomes more circumspect, the old cliche was that one grew more conservative as one grew older. What are conservative values and who best represents them?
Neo-Liberalism is not Conservatism or indeed conservative it is a radical ideology which defines the centre ground of current political discourse. This centre ground is not a landscape that would easily be recognisable to the Post world war 2 generation. In this landscape left and right and indeed up and down do not exist. It is all, Right the top is fixed so as such there is no UP and all roads for those outside of the chosen Elite lead downwards, that is the Neo-Liberal Race to the Bottom.

Mrs Mays Conservative party is no longer representative of Conservative values, neither was Mrs Thatchers. A power struggle was won by Neo-Liberal ideologues in the Old Conservative party which was fought through the 1970´s, the same struggle took place in the Labour party and resulted in 1997 in Son of Thatcher, Tony Blair. This video from 1986 sees Roy Jenkins who set up the Social Democratic Party in the UK along with 3 other people who were known as the Gang of Four.They merged into the LIB DEMS WHO REPRISED IN 2010 the 1951 Tory-Liberal alliance that formed a Tory government in spite of Labour having won the popular vote.

Neoliberalism shifted the political debate into a new orbit where a core belief was
´´Free Markets´´ and a new economics voodoo was ushered in and given the status of received truth to which there was no alternative. ´´TINA´´. Queen Tina was to be worshipped and never questioned indeed TINA was and is She who must be obeyed. Unlike the Dionysian pair or Matrifocal societies TINA was not a feminine Deity but archly patriarchal, cold and a bitter vengeful god, TINAs Noble lie was the Lie of Austerity. A lie Mrs May espouses and which was espoused in 2015 by all 3 Neo-Liberal sects of the TINA religion.

Happily, for my own middle age, a new Conservative leader has emerged on the scene, Jeremy Corbyn has conservative values of maintaining a Free at the point of use National Health Service, Free Education for all, and a foreign policy that seeks diplomacy and not War as a default setting.
A return to the Post War consensus which allowed a Conservative Prime Minister Harold Mac Millan to declare “You Have never had it so good´´.

Mrs May could well coin the phrase today, ´ have never had it so bad´ and to borrow from Tory Boy Blair, ´Things can only get worse´ under this broken neoliberal paradigm. He will never learn and should give a little more thought to and display some genuine humility about the Chilcott report which details his many war crimes against democracy and humanity. Mrs May, well she should go back to Conservative re-education classes.
There is one true Conservative in this election and its Jeremy Corbyn. #Corbyn4PM vote for Labour when there’s still something left to conserve.

The Sunday Bloggers. A digest of Blogs, perspectives on the UK General Election 2017.Roger Lewis

3 mins · 

Mays Neo-Liberal Tories can not be trusted with the NHS, Neither can a Blairite Neo-Liberal Labour Party.
Atlee won the popular vote in 1951 after clawing back a Tory poll lead of 11,% in late September which was down to 4.5% by mid-October and…

The Magic Money Tree and the Tories. #Corbyn4PM #EconomyunsafewithTories. Richard Murphy

Richard Murphy  This is an attributed reblogging of the beginning of two very important analysis carried out by Richard Murphy. The analytic chickens of the screeching Tory´s are coming home to roost.

The Rovian Turn in Election punditry, Lies Damned Lies and Statistics. #Corbyn4PM

The scripted narrative will surely deliver a Tory landslide or will it? We will see tomorrow how strong the Establishment spin machine remains in France. There seems to be rather a lot of Rovian type telekinesis being practised by the Neo-Liberal apologists who invariably do not acknowledge their ideological master.   ´´The aide said that …

The scripted narrative will surely deliver a Tory…

Roger Lewis…/theresa…

Theresa May and her Neo Liberal Fascist Tories in name only (CUNTs)

Interesting comparison, but not in a good way…. Can Anybody Find Any Significant Difference Between May’s Policies and the British National Party Manifesto of 2005? – Craig Murray I was struck by how entirely similar Theresa May’s… CRAIGMURRAY.ORG.UK Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry CommentShare 1Roger Lewis Comments Roger Lewis Truly remarkable, I am about …

Interesting comparison, but not in a good way…. Can…

The Real Boris Johnson (C.U.N.T) #GrubStreetJournal

Play -2:43 Mute   Additional Visual Settings Enter Fullscreen 1,085,966 Views Boris Johnson exposed in 3mins. Sums up the Tory Party nicely. Like comment share Comments Roger Lewis There is no such a thing in America as an independent press unless it is out in country towns. You are all slaves. You know it, and I know …

From 8 mins 28 on its very interesting. Roger Lewis  and  Ruby Iqbal  shared  The Pileus ‘s  video . …

On BullShit, Ad Hominem, Election 2017. Crossed Purposes

Are We at Crossed Purposes? A default setting, if we are honest with ourselves. Crossed purposes is an inevitable outcome where we admit it is our practice to anticipate most of what we are going to hear? So as much as we like to think we listen being at crossed purposes is likely far more common …

Are We at Crossed Purposes? A default setting, if we…

Tory Wets aginst Theresa. TWAT´s. Say no to CUNTs

Tory Wets aginst Theresa. TWAT´s123 via GIPHY Reports have reached the ear of your correspondent that the little-remembered grouping of Conservatives from the 1980´s the Wets have formed an alliance against the Neo-Liberal infiltration of their party by the CUNT´s ( Conservatives under narrow terms). It is I am told likely that some Wet …

Roger Lewis…/tory…

Tory Wets aginst Theresa. TWAT´s Reports have…

Roger Lewis…/theresa…

Theresa May is a CUNT.Conservative under Narrow Terms (CUNT) but wholly Neo Liberal. Theresa may is a CUNT that is a Conservative under narrow terms. Theresa May is not a conservative and like Blairs Labour Party she represents the extreme fascist ideology of Neo-Liberalism. Jeremy Corbyn is a wholly better choice for the National Interest vis, the ordinary population, although as with Brexit a Vote for the …

Theresa May and the Causes of the 2008 Crash. #TheAusterityLie #TheBankersCrashof2008

Financial Crisis & Recessions “The financial crisis of 2007 to 2008 occurred because we failed to constrain the financial system’s creation of private credit and money.” Lord Adair Turner, speaking as chair of the Financial Services Authority, 6th February, 2013 For some reason, this video is no longer publicly listed on the PM website? …

Roger Lewis…/on…

ON THE ADVANTAGE AND DISADVANTAGEOF HISTORY FOR LIFE. 100,000 Blog Visits. Friedrich Nietzsche: 1844-1900

This Blog, which has been therapeutic in many ways, has now reached 100,000 page views.What is it about Large Round Numbers. One looks out now towards 1,000,000. On Looking Back, review and on Looking forward, Reading Some Nietzsche yesterday I was struck by this passage. ´´every living thing can become healthy, strong and fruitful only within a …

Timonism, The Calvinist strain in Neo Liberal Misanthropy. Zionism, The Money Power Usury and The Petro Dollar. Fall of the Roman Empire 2.0. #OccupyTheEuropeanSpring

Some Books and Themes Informing a Cynical and not Timonist view of Neo-Liberal Fascism.   Get The free Gif Click Here “A beastly ambition, which the gods grant thee t’   attain to! If thou wert the lion, the fox would   beguile thee; if thou wert the lamb, the fox would   eat three:

Textual Analysis. Neo Liberalism emerges from the Closet.

N-Gram a textual search tool from Google provides a quick and dirty tool with which to find the frequency of words or phrases within the database of Over 5 million books containing500 billion words. This blog introduces the tool. Here is a link to the Official tool, which allows you to place embed code of …

NWO Sobamaised:NeoLiberal Dystopia. Whs´Up Whos Up ( MSM Politicians ) Arse …. The New World order is!

My Latest Musings Made this for a Blog on the Parachuting in of Neo-Liberal NWO yes men into troublesome Franchises, insisting on electing politicians with the audacity of putting the Interests of their Local constituents first. It occurred to me that perhaps Mrs May called the UK snap election as part of a broader strategy …

A note on Neo Liberal Manias. actualité in Political Journalism (sic) Escape the Neo Liberal May-Trix

  An old Etonian Toff was often noted to scoff Whilst Brosiering His dame Economical actualité is the name of the game I’ll tax the upper Crust off your pasty now your all Fagging for me I always preferred Cheshire Porky Pies In Cuisine and in Deed you see. Clark left Parliament in 1992 following … — 0046702273052 skype: rogerglewis Skype telephone number +46406931188 Portfolio of on line Profiles( Go on be Nosy ) CLICK HERE PLEASE #ConquestofDough

Muso Musings: Fatherhood, Theory & Stuff “T’is hard the kinds of Knowledge are but two, The One erroneous,…

Why I have returned to The Labour Fold from the Greens. CONSIDER THIS THE LABOUR SIGN IN MY FRONT WINDOW IF YOU WILL.

This From 2015 appeared in my Facebook memories today. The intervening years replete with continued kickings into the long grass of the causes of the 2008 meltdown and raping of the NHS by private interests, Libor rigging, sheer mendacity of the Neo-Liberal Thought Collective. The arguments remain to be made outside of a Neo-Liberal sensibility. The Greens …

THE BIGGER THE LIE – Media Bias in the Scottish Independence Referendum

#HangtheParliament #FederatethePound #Corbyn4PM — 0046702273052 skype: rogerglewis Skype telephone number +46406931188 Portfolio of on line Profiles( Go on be Nosy ) CLICK HERE PLEASE #ConquestofDough

Roger Lewis…/1975…

Friday, 21 April 2017

1975 Labour’s Peter Shore on Project Fear The message that comes out is …

#HangtheParliament #Corbyn4PM
#HangtheParliament #Corbyn4PM


  A WELL HUNG PARLIAMENT SIGNIFIES VIRILE DEMOCRACY.     Reject to the narrative of smaller parties holding the government to ransom, Democracy is not about Winner takes all, stuff everyone else once the bidding is over. Democracy should be a consultative inclusive process sensitive to all needs and wants across the whole spectrum of …

Knitted Yoghurt with added preservatives and e numbers, Style valued over substance. Now is not a time for Soundbites. #Corbyn4PM

Roger Lewis Kat Boettge Hi Kat, Vince Cable is quoted on the BBC today that Lib Dems would not form a coalition with Labour under Jeremy Corbyn. Progressive Alliance or Left Alliance is too imprecise to actually mean anything. There is Left and right within Neo-Liberalism, which excludes anything but Large Scale Global Market Capitalism. Then there …

Economists, Apologists and Sophists for Usury. Positive Money sells out to Bankers? Or Donald Wheres ya Trousers.

    The first part of this so-called debunking of the desert island interest myth caught my eye as did a similar debunking by Steve Keen in Forbes. One of my touchstones of the critical faculties of any Heterodox or Radical ´´Progressive´´these days is to see if they are Sophists for Usury or Sophists for …

The Other Day in Stockholm, Last Night In Sweden, Hot air and other Gases. Is Löven Swedens Tony Blair?

SWEDEN — SAPO: “Foreign Powers are trying to influence elections” April 9, 2017rogerglewisEdit“SWEDEN — SAPO: “Foreign Powers are trying to influence elections””   This is an interesting Article. I have encountered other reports from both the United States and the United Kingdom which discuss the Moslem Brotherhood. One way of looking at the Moslem Brotherhood …

Wag The Dog, Greater Israel, Zionism and its Flatulence. Did Netenjahu Just Fart.

123 Did Israel just Fart? WHo´s Got Gas? This article Is Very persuasive but leaves out a crucial piece of analysis. That analysis relates to the End Games for various political factions in The Syria Conflict. No Article on Syria or the Middle East and North Africa can be offered in a sensible …

Syria Cui Bono, Incitatus (Boris Johnson) Caligula (john Kerry) and the Curious case of the New Consul at the United Nations Security Council (Updated 7th April , Trump ordered attack On Syria)

Originally posted on Not The Grub Street Journal:
UPDATE FOR CONTEXT: Roger Lewis7 April 2017 at 12:56 Syria is all about Gas, not poison Sarin Gas but Gas Pipelines. It is also not about Hydro Carbons in themselves but the market for hydrocarbons and which currency contracts of supply are settled in otherwise known  as,

Roger Lewis…/boris…

Why Trump Bombed Syria. Gas Pipelines, Zionism and the PetroDollar

“Greater Israel”: The Zionist Plan for the Middle East The Infamous “Oded Yinon Plan”. Introduction by Michel Chossudovsky By Israel Shahak Global Research, April 01, 2017 Association of Arab-American University Graduates, Inc. 3 March 2013 Region: Middle East & North Africa Theme: Culture, Society & History, Law and Justice, Religion In-depth Report: IRAQ REPORT, PALESTINE, SYRIA: NATO’S NEXT WAR? Global Research Editor’s Note …

Chilcott where did it go WTF. The memory hole and disappearing narratives.

The Chilcott report WMD´s 2 million dead, Gateway war to the Middle East and North African Mayhem or Article 50 and Brexit, which is mostly considered in Media Narratives? Is there a pattern here? do inconvenient truth´s for Elites get memory-holed or manipulated into the long grass of oblivion? Do some searches and look at the …

Iraq War Lament, Chilcott Memory Hole Post.

Memory Hole Post I was watching this I spotted it today and remembered this interview when it was originally screened on Old Grey Whistle Test in 1984. I remember Jimmy talking about having not played for a long time and getting his chops back together from not being able to change chords properly.I decided to …

Globalisation Un-Entangled. (A FOUND POEM, CIPHER OF GLOBALISM )

Cut-up technique[edit] Cut-up technique is an extension of collage to words themselves, Tristan Tzara describes this in the Dada Manifesto:[49] TO MAKE A DADAIST POEM Take a newspaper. Take some scissors. Choose from this paper an article of the length you want to make your poem. Cut out the article. Next carefully cut out each of the words …

Roger Lewis…/on…

On the present discontents, Burke opined #Conquest of Dough

mais par impatience de souffrir On the present discontents, Burke opined Putin ,Trump and Farage set courses un-entangled Junker , Merkel, Call for straight

Roger Lewis…/who-ate…

I am on a number of internet mailing list including one…

A federated Pound Stirling and a Federated Euro, Subsidiarity and complementary Currencies. #GrubStreetJournal

Roger Lewis 6 mins ·…/juncker-white-paper-wro… Roger Lewis MAR 19, 2017 The comments here are actually much more acute, than the article its self. The article is Ok and the comments curiously complete it. It is nice to see that this neo liberal propaganda sheet is not acting as an EU echo Chamber. Karl Bilt says …

Searching for ´´Intelligence´´, in the EU. Brexit and common intelligence and defence. Is it all NATO? Not Counting Niggers, by George Orwell

What are the Intelligence capabilities of the EU? who does the EU spy on. All states have spooks, the EU sees itself as and has taken for itself the trimmings of Statehood, even if it pretends otherwise. So who are the EU´s spooks, where is and what does the EU deep state do? Daniel Ganser´s, …

Internationalism Vs Globalisation (Globalism)

Internationalism is willing cooperation Globalisation is Authoritarian Coercion. There is a huge difference. Does Ms Jolie know the difference, and does she even care? To be an internationalist there have to be ´Nations`.  Neo-liberal´ globalisation does not think Nations are a thing, Neo-Liberalism is therefore not internationalist

Politics Idol, When Making the tune your own just isn´t enough anymore.

Politics Idol,

When Making the tune your own
just isn´t enough anymore.

skype: rogerglewis
Skype telephone number +46406931188
Portfolio of on line Profiles( Go on be Nosy ) CLICK HERE PLEASE


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