Democratic Fault Line, Social Democracy Vs Neo Liberalism.

Back in 1986 Tony Benn and Roy Jenkin’s ran over the dividing line between the Right wing social democratic wing of the Labour party versus the Democratic socialist wing, the current fault line in British politics is the quarrel between social democracy and neo-liberalism.


The fault line runs across all political parties in Europe including the UK, it is painted as a Nationalism and populism against progressive internationalism But Globalisation is not internationalism it does not hold to any of the tenets of Social Democracy it is effectively anti-democratic.

the ugly sisters and mays slipper

Globalisation is the catch-all term for Neo-Liberal Corporate technocracy promoting the freedom of Big Capital and people as economic pawns, not citizens. We are allowed to participate in a periodic Karaoke event called a General election when we are asked to take our inspiration from the footwear or fashion sense and sound bite telegenic of vacuous ideologues chanting the same Mantra of TINA. Queen TINA she who must be obeyed.



Politics Idol,

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just isn´t enough anymore.


As one grows older one naturally becomes more circumspect, the old cliche was that one grew more conservative as one grew older. What are conservative values and who best represents them?
Neo-Liberalism is not Conservatism or indeed conservative it is a radical ideology which defines the centre ground of current political discourse. This centre ground is not a landscape that would easily be recognisable to the Post world war 2 generation. In this landscape left and right and indeed up and down do not exist. It is all, Right the top is fixed so as such there is no UP and all roads for those outside of the chosen Elite lead downwards, that is the Neo-Liberal Race to the Bottom.

Mrs Mays Conservative party is no longer representative of Conservative values, neither was Mrs Thatchers. A power struggle was won by Neo-Liberal ideologues in the Old Conservative party which was fought through the 1970s, the same struggle took place in the Labour party and resulted in 1997 in Son of Thatcher, Tony Blair. This video from 1986 sees Roy Jenkins who set up the Social Democratic Party in the UK along with 3 other people who were known as the Gang of Four. They merged into the LIB DEMS WHO REPRISED IN 2010 the 1951 Tory-Liberal alliance that formed a Tory government in spite of Labour having won the popular vote.


Neoliberalism shifted the political debate into a new orbit where a core belief was
´´Free Markets´´ and a new economics voodoo was ushered in and given the status of received truth to which there was no alternative. ´´TINA´´. Queen Tina was to be worshipped and never questioned indeed TINA was and is She who must be obeyed. Unlike the Dionysian pair or Matrifocal societies TINA was not a feminine Deity but archly patriarchal, cold and a bitter vengeful god, TINAs Noble lie was the Lie of Austerity. A lie Mrs May espouses and which was espoused in 2015 by all 3 Neo-Liberal sects of the TINA religion.

Happily, for my own middle age, a new Conservative leader has emerged on the scene, Jeremy Corbyn has conservative values of maintaining a Free at the point of use National Health Service, Free Education for all, and a foreign policy that seeks diplomacy and not War as a default setting.
A return to the Post War consensus which allowed a Conservative Prime Minister Harold Mac Millan to declare “You Have never had it so good´´.

Mrs May could well coin the phrase today, ´ have never had it so bad´and to borrow from Tory Boy Blair, ´Things can only get worse´ under this broken neoliberal paradigm. He will never learn and should give a little more thought to and display some genuine humility about the Chilcott report which details his many war crimes against democracy and humanity. Mrs May, well she should go back to Conservative re-education classes.
There is one true Conservative in this election and its Jeremy Corbyn. #Corbyn4PM vote for Labour when there’s still something left to conserve.



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