Last Night In Lambeth. Terrorism , Rape, Politics and Religion. A Guide for the perplexed.(London Bridge and Bourough Market Murders)

Last Night in Lambeth there was another terrorist attack perpetrated by Islamicist Terrorists, whilst no claims were made immediately for responsibility it is clear that this Attack was claimed for the extremist Wahhabi Islamist Jihadist ideology, which is exported from Saudi Arabi via proxy´s in several North African and Middle Eastern wars.

Shortly after the first news reports started to emerge

the Telegraph newspaper and several celebrities whose accounts are monitored by the BBC´s Live News Feed team
called for a postponement of the General Election on the
8th of June.
Screen Capture from BBC


In considering such calls it is as well to remember the words from Kipling’s Poem Dane Geld.
"We never pay any-one Dane-geld,
  No matter how trifling the cost;
For the end of that game is oppression and shame,
  And the nation that pays it is lost!"

Danegeld video

Whilst all people will stand in solidarity against the barbarous and cowardly attack, we should Hold our political leaders and institutions to account and those of our deep state Intelligence services.


So called Islamic State Daesh, formerly Al-Qaeda is a web of collective terrorist groups in which the CIA and MI6 have “assets”. These assets are of various types, sleepers, Double Agents, compromised or infiltrated cells
and so forth. AL Queda grew out of a joint MI6/CIA promotion of Islamicist resistance to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan the recently decease Zbigniew Kazimierz “Zbig” Brzezinski was the architect of this aspect of Regime change destabilisation policy.

The Murders we now see clad in suicide vest and dead in our streets, following their cold-blooded murder of innocent Civilians among them women and children, are the direct progeny descended from these dark deep state operations and the Wahabi Islamist ideologies of Salafist Jihad corrupted beyond anything most , almost all, islamic scholars recognise as even remotely founded in the many sects and branches descended from the Prophet Mohammed ( peace be upon him)


Saudi Arms Sales Clip from Election debate Wahabbism

Link Starts at Making the Country Safer Question.


Saudi Arms Sales Clip from Election debate Wahabbism ( Starts 51min( Secs)
Paul Nuttal, 10.23 Mins (Timings from start of question.)
well it’s quite clear that the war in
Iraq and the bombing of Libya was
fundamentally wrong, because all we were
doing is we were removing, yes, evil
dictators, but it’s very clear that what
was going to come next
was going to be even worse
but that
isn’t , That our foreign policy isn’t an excuse
for what went on in Manchester. and what
politicians need to do is at least have
the courage to name what it is
it’s Islamist extremists okay
it’s Islamist extremists. OK.
you’ve just had a diatribe you
know let ‘s . Look It´s Islamist Extremism
Its Islamist Extremism, Ok and
nobody seems to have the courage to say
what it is. How we solve it where we put
20,000 police officers back on the beat
4,000 more on the border force we
tighten our borders 7,000 new prison
officers because radicalization is rife
within our Prisons and I must say I can’t
believe that we’ve allowed 350 Jihadies
to return to our country from Libya and
Syria and I’m sorry if you go out and
fight or support Islamic state you
should have your passport revoked and
you should never be allowed back into
this country. ( APPLAUSE)
now what we’ve also got to
do is look at radicalization within our
own mosques and  I will say Amber , I
think you need to look at Saudi and
Qatari funding of mosques in this
country and finally we need to get the
Muslim community itself to sign up to
the prevent program only one out of
eight referrals to prevent come from
within the Muslim Community
Interuptions. Tim Farron
Paul, you know for that
the murder last Monday was reported five
separate occasions by the Muslim community
Caroline Lucas.
well thank you to
David for the question and that’s
an incredibly important question let me
be very clear to begin with that people
who commit the kind of atrocities like
the one in Manchester are barbaric and
what they stand for is evil but the best
form of defence against attacks like
that is intelligence-led policing and
community engagement and the kind of
response we’ve just heard from Paul
which seems to suggest that the violence
in Manchester was somehow representative
of Islam I think is completely
Paul Nuttal Clarifies.
was no more
representative of Islam than The Murderer of Joe Cox
was representative of the wider British
public. So listen I’m deeply concerned
about the police cuts we’ve already
talked about and it’s interesting that
the Police Federation warned that those
police cuts could be very dangerous but
I also think it’s right that we review
our interventions overseas I think it’s
a disservice to democracy to pretend
there’s no Link and to close down the
debate. the former head of mi5 herself
has said that the invasion of Iraq
exacerbated the terror threat to the UK
and was no words highly significant in
terms of home grown extremists but what I
want to say actually is something to to
Amber because we can’t solve all the
world’s problems but we can at least
stop adding to them and my question is
this really that why is Britain the
second biggest arms dealer in the world ?
why are we selling to 22 of the 30 countries
On the governments own
Human Rights Watch lists why did we make
10 times more in arms sales to Saudi
Arabia than we gave to Yemen in aid.
okay Amber.
Aber Rudd.
I will make no
apology for being a government that
wants to defend this country we will
make sure that our defense budget is
well funded we will do that by having
a strong economy.
We can only do that,
we can do that by having a strong
industry . We will do that by making sure we ‘
Caroline Lucas.
Arms Sales to to Saudi Arabia?
can not be justified on the grounds of
this being good for industry
Amber Rudd. Saudi has the Right, Saudi has the Right…..
OK_ Leanne wood
there does need to be
some reviewing going on we need to look
at foreign policy we need to look at the
prevent strategy it is a fact that
policing has been cut by 20% including
when Theresa May was in the Home Office
and it’s a question of priorities we
should be investing in police and other
public services those are the people
running into the dangerous situation
when everyone else is running away .
And thats a point which has been
repeatedly made when you say we should
look at what what we’re doing what else
would what would you do differently in
terms of tackling extremism
Leanne Wood Again.
well I think
in terms of the cuts to public services
that’s had an impact if you just have
one small example youth work when you
had a well-funded youth service there
were youth workers available to
challenge the ideology of young people
Compare. Are you saying that the austerity has made us less
Leanne Wood.
I’m saying austerity is cut youth
workers and there are fewer people
around to challenge the root cause the
ideology that Spurs these people on I
used to work as a probation officer can



So the White hats and the Black hats are all to easy to see but there is a grey area in the middle and that is what this original blog from 25th May following the Manchester Arena

Murders ( and now those in Lambeth), seeks to address.

Original Blog Started Here from 25th May 2017

This Blog is by way of explication of the Video

entitled COBRA, The PoliticalClass, Islamicist political terrorism, 

William Blake, “You read Black I read White”.

Recent events in Manchester and a wider debate regarding Rape

Culture and grooming gangs, 

in many UK communities have been conflated into a single issue.

Albeit that there are common themes and characteristics the
two distinct categories need to be considered separately
to seek solutions to each.
Many grooming gangs have been found to be of

Somali and Pakistani heritage and these cultural

identifiers have been conflated with the Moslem faith common to those National


Terrorism and Sexual predation are two different categories of
Violence. Those engaging in either activity may seek justification

through various artifices; “there was a voice in my head”, 

they were asking for it” or, “God told me too, or says it’s OK

to do it to them because they are not like us”.

Suicide Bombing is a terroristic tactic of political warfare

and some perpetrators claim justification either from the Quran
or from Hadith. It is a small minority of Islamic scholarship that claims
legitimacy for such acts.

Paedophilia and Grooming Rape Gangs are sometimes accorded

Claims that the Torah and the Quran and teachings in Kabala or
Hadith sources excuse Sexual acts with other than
those who are from the faithful community. Talmudic Scholars 

and Islamic Scholars almost unanimously disavow such interpretations of the

religious sources although Justification is offered by some scholars who one

might call sophists for other political ends.

I mention the Talmud and Torah as often Nazi Apologists and

Anti-Semites seek to paint Jewish victims of the Shoa

in Nazi Germany and Jews in general as complicit in

and condoning of various abhorrent and immoral behaviour

sexually or related to acts of their justified religious violence.

the propagandistic element of these memes is often encouraged

in times of war for political propaganda purposes.

Maimonides wrote a text called the Guide for the perplexed 
to help the faithful with understanding the different levels of 

meaning that might be found in the Talmud or Torah,

His guide works equally well for the Quran, Hadith sources and

indeed the King James Bible.

In The Guide for the Perplexed, amongst the seven causes of contradiction, this is the seventh.The other six will be found at this


Seventh cause: It is sometimes necessary to introduce such metaphysical matter as may partly be disclosed, but must partly be concealed: while, therefore, on one occasion the object which the author has in view may demand that the metaphysical problem be treated as solved in one way, it may be convenient on another occasion to treat it as solved in the opposite way. The author must endeavour, by concealing the fact as much as possible, to prevent the uneducated reader from perceiving the contradiction.

In William Blakes Poem, The Everlasting Gospel this is what he means when he states that

“Both read the Bible day & nightBut thou readst black where I read white”

Mr. Rossetti’s sense of propriety, guided by his entire lack of mental companionship with Blake, has led him to sup- press two lines about the nose in the dedication of the poem he professes to publish in full for the first time. It should run: —
“The Vision of Christ that thou dost see,

[ Page 33 ]

The Vision of Christ that thou dost see
Is my Visions Greatest Enemy
Thine has a great hook nose like thine
Mine has a snub nose like to mine5Thine is the Friend of All Mankind
Mine speaks in parables to the Blind
Thine loves the same world that mine hates
Thy Heaven doors are my Hell Gates
Socrates taught what Melitus10Loathd as a Nations bitterest Curse
And Caiphas was in his own Mind
A benefactor of Mankind
Both read the Bible day & night
But thou readst black where I read white








Islam is a Broad Church.





Religion and Politics its Old and it’s complicated.









Sufi Poetry

The best method is to become acquainted with the writings of classical Sufism: the poetry, tales, and teaching texts of the greatest Sufis in centuries past.  I have access only to German texts of Ibn El-Arabi (1165-1240) which convey the beauty better than English:
Mein Herz umfasst sämtliche Formen:
Das Mönchskloster, den Tempel der Idole,
Die Weide der Gazellen und die Kaaba des Gläubigen,
Die Tafeln der Thora und den Koran.
Die Liebe ist, wozu ich mich bekenne.
Wohin meine Kamele sich auch wenden mögen,
Die Liebe ist und bleibt mir Glaube und Gesetz“.
“My heart includes all forms:
The monk’s monastery, the temple of idols,
The pasture of the gazelles and the Kaaba of the believer,
The tablets of the Torah and the Koran.
Love is what I confess.
Wherever my camels may turn,
Love is and remains faith and law “.

United Kingdom[edit]

In 1996, the first representative of the Muslim Brotherhood in the UK, Kamal el-Helbawy, an Egyptian, was able to say that “there are not many members here, but many Muslims in the UK intellectually support the aims of the Muslim Brotherhood”.


In September 1999, the Muslim Brotherhood opened a “global information centre” in London.



In April 2014, David Cameron, the UK prime minister, launched an investigation into the Muslim Brotherhood’s activities in the UK and its alleged extremist activities.[268] Egypt welcomed the decision. After Cameron’s decision, the Muslim Brotherhood reportedly moved its headquarters from London to Austria attempting to avoid the investigation.[269] The Brotherhood took the matter to court which decided that the Muslim Brotherhood is not a terrorist organization and no legal actions were taken against the Brotherhood.[citation needed]
Published on 27 Dec 2014
Hear the story of why the EDL started from the man himself. Do not just listen to what the establishment want you to hear.



A typical discussion

Neil Newman
3 hrs · 
Well, i SAID there would be a terror attack during the General Election if the Tories started losing their polling lead.
you can read whatever conspiracies you like into this.
apparently he was Libyan-origin. If he was angry at the 50 THOUSAND+ Libyans mass-murdered by Nato bombs, or the utter deliberate destruction of his ‘home’ country; then why didn’t he blow himself up on Cameron’s personal doorstep?
still, “at least Theresa May isn’t soft on terror”, the headlies write themselves now.
but not the truth, which is that the Tories are throwing everything for sale at the Gulf – the very place these terrorists are being created by.
22 MORE dead so the UK Establishment can ‘defend’ itself against Corbyn, sell arms to the Al Sauds, and continue the drive to war in Syria, a well as sell off the NHS, Sky and BBC.
crocodile tears central plaza.
be fooled by them if you want. False Flags are a Deep State staple.
best wishes to Manchester. A UK city that knew false flag bomb events in previous generations too.
curious that these “just snapped” individuals never seem to attack the powerful.
go blow yourselves up in Davos, you sick bastards. Or don’t MI5 buy you that kind of plane ticket? >:(
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Gregory Weinberg
Gregory Weinberg curious that these “just snapped” individuals never seem to attack the powerful…..a very sad day for Britain indeed. My heart bleeds for you.
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 · 3 hrs


Neil Newman
Neil Newman ty Gregory. I’m not alone in suspecting the UK Establishment was involved in this, seemingly:…/posts/10207098902709654
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 · Reply · 3 hrs


Gregory Weinberg
Gregory Weinberg Why do they always attack soft targets??? Why not the centers of power???
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 · Reply · 3 hrs


Gregory Weinberg
Gregory Weinberg Maybe you should follow Edward the 1st and run out the ruffians
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 · Reply · 3 hrs


Neil Newman

Neil Newman that is a very good question. Partly perhaps because they are ‘softer targets’, partly perhaps if they are angry at ‘their’ civilians being mass-murdered. Mostly though, i suspect, because their ‘Intel handlers’ guide them towards these targets.

its aSee More

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 · 2 hrs


Murray Ferguson
Murray Ferguson Why would you vote for a party that will “protect you” when they have been proven not to protect you?
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 · 2 hrs


Neil Newman

Neil Newman Fear, Murray. Pure FEAR.

the same reason why voters MORE vote Tory even when the ‘conomy is noticably in free-fall under them – the Murdoch scum press has convinced them that “anything Left is bad”.See More

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Gregory Weinberg
Gregory Weinberg My heart goes out to you and yours brother, we are in for a long haul I’m gather.
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Darren Mulholland
Darren Mulholland Libyan in origin…..really? Reports at home said he was British born….
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 · Reply · 1 hr


Neil Newman

Neil Newman nothing will be done about Hopkins, Darren. Like all these “WE HAVE NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!” far-right racist squawkers, they apparently have full such freedom. 

the same, obviously, does not go for who they target.See More

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Neil Newman
Neil Newman i would strongly prefer it if you did not post “Tommy Robinson” on my Wall. Yes, he may have left the EDL, to work for the Gladio-MI5 front “Quilliam”, but he is still a far-right racist Nazi doing his best to stir up inter-community hatreds and of course Brexshit.
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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Neil, Tommy Robinson has a right to free speech and your characterisation of him and his views is Mistaken.
It is possible that he is Islamaphobic but I doubt even that. He makes a clear distinction regaring Islamicism versus Bein Moslem. His grasp o0f Islamic theology is not what I would call nuanced but he has a better idea of the nuances of radical policial Islamicism than most people who seek to marginalise him as you do.
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