BREX-ZIT , A Limerick Poem #Election2017 #Brexit #May-Zit #Jexit

A Vicars Daughter from Wheatley,
Had a facial eruption twice weekly.
Given no orders to squeeze it,

she wished just to leave it.
Though tackle it, she must one day,
the eruption caused her, no dismay.
The Fateful day duly approached
and Brex-Zit was put to the vote.
Mrs May, argued to Squeeze it;
To Prod, it and pinch it and cleeve it.
“We must treat it rough, that is enough,
the scar tissue will prove! I am tough.”
Jeza argued to soothe it;
to charm it and quietly remove it.
His approach to the offending eruption,
offered a fairer end to the corruption
So the choice for fairer Complexion,
after the June 8th election?
To Eject the May Zit, reject the Brexshit,
by applying the Jexit Solution.


Author: rogerglewis Looking for a Job either in Sweden or UK. Freelance, startups, will turń my hand to anything.

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