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The sectoral Balances approach to aggregate demand is a tautological accounting identity
Explication of the Magic Money tree is my simple aim.
I have written Longer poems on political economy and about energy based calibrations of the unit of account and value
Usury hells Fuel Mans oppressor, Tides of the Dollar Moon and Bourgoise resolution and Globalisation unentangled all explore these areas.
I have also written a Novel #ConquestofDough
Magic Money Tree, Ents, Groots Marvel at the Simplicity of the Magic Money Tree a Tree Shepherd Oddysey


The Secret Magic Money Tree
Jezza has a secret money Tree
but he lets you see,
It´s supposed to be secret

but he doesn´t care ´cos used his way

It Will Make things Fair
Theresa May, may know the secret too
But will not say out loud, least not to me and you.
She gave it to the Banks and the 1% Crowd,

I guess that wouldn´t make anybody Proud.

Now that lot are mean, tight-fisted and  sore

only ever use the Magic Tree to make more war

Crony markets They Pump and Dump and Rigg

Tell us to go Frigg We´re Lucky to see a Twig.

Money´s in our head
No use to us when dead
Lending is a political choice that
Should have a Democratic Voice

 If the Credits  Interest-free

 Like the fishes in the sea,  

we could see  that in which we Swim, 

Is Lent out on a Whim, And lent out

well and wise we will swim and rise

We can moan and Cuss and Frown

Then we will surely Drown

Or we can  take the Money Tree Back

And give the Tories the sack.

The Last March Of The (R)Ents
Ann Pettifor – Show Me The Money Tree
Richard Murphy – Who Borrows More, Labour or Conservatives?

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