Time for a Brexit Process Coalition , The Labour Party and The Tories must Form a Coalition to Secure Brexit.

A ready Made Solution for Brexit and the Hung Parliament.

Paul Stansfield
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Well same old, same old!
However would it be beyond the intelligence of our politicians to creat a across party team dedicated to negotiate Brexit, this should also include some of our most ‘savvy’ business people?
Have a great weekend

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Libby Hills
Libby Hills That would be far too sensible!

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John Skelton
John Skelton ‘Intelligence of our politicians’ perchance one expects a little too much?

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John Granger
John Granger Hear, hear!

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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Paul, I agree with you absolutely I would think a similar sort of Wartime Coalition Govt where everyone pitches in. I would suggest Boris as Winston ( and Hold My Nose ) and Corbyn as (Atlee)Deputy PM, (, Get Brexit sorted and then have the General election ) as in 45. Funnily enough, I did this Blog on the 51/52 elections.


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