The Internet is Big, The Big Boys Still Dominate. Web SEO, Combining to Compete? The Distributed Web and Disrupting the Disrupters.

Scaling the Internet and Disrupting the Disrupters. The Web is about to be turned upside down by the Distributed web where Content and Authenticity will compete on an even field outside of the filter controls applied by the dominant players Of Alphabet ( Google) Face Book, Amazon etc and their desperately old Fashioned Server Based Model.

Distribution of Web Traffic is impossibly concentrated within the very top 1 millionth of one percent of The Top 100 websites there are in excess of One Billion Websites and The top 10,000,000 of those ( Ten Million) represent the Top 1% of websites. This Blog Is Ranked as the 21,047,245 websites with its modest 116,000 Unique views and The Golem XIV Blog is currently No 5,762,718 in the charts and The Slog is at 1,865,325. The top 100 Web Sites, The BBC is no 105 to give you some idea, represent the Top 10 to the power of minus 7 that’s .0000001% of Web sites the top 10,000 is the (0.00001%) of websites. ( These Ball Parks are around there being 1 billion sites there are now more like 1 and a quarter Billion.)




In the above plot I have plotted The top 2% of Web sites in Traffic Terms based on the Page views for this Blog and also the page views in some of my regular reads. Watts up with That, Off Guardian, and Claes Johnson all have a page view counter on their home pages and the Rankings are obtainable by such online tools as Alexis.It’s not meant to be scientifically Statistically Accurate but a Ball Park To get the idea across of how dominated the Internet is through Concentration of Power into the Big 100. The Distributed WEB of SWARM and IPFS and  will change all of that in the next Few years, the Disrupters will become the disrupted, does anyone still remember MySpace or Friends reunited?

I have though been using this very Nifty Web SEO tool

This very Basic analysis shows how concentrated the Dominance is of the Huge Web Monopolies, this coupled with analogue/Digital Dinosaur Media and Corporate concentration of power does give an indication of how closely controlled access to revenue streams are for those of us outside of the Corporate Mainstream. The Answer is to Network and Combine into Media Flotillas that can increase Media Portal focus points through which Internet users can be directed to Internet gardens and landscapes they may never discover with the Google Satellite Navigation.

Here’s an InfoGraphic of the Sort of Leviathan one scales trying to get noticed is more difficult than being the proverbial Needle in a Haystack.

Websites online right now

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