The Chief Idiot of the EU Idiocracy, Verhofstad, Is He the EU´s Worse enemy?


Comment Roger Lewis JUL 3, 2017

It is hard to know where to start with a man so infected by Confirmation biases and a sense of his own self-importance. I always Thought the EU was its own Worse enemy, but to paraphrase the Great Ernest Bevin, Not whilst Verhofstad is alive it´s not.
The EU is a critical thinking free zone and Verhoftand is the chief evangelist of its Neo-Liberal Madness.His talk of Populist Governments reveals his deep distaste for and opposition against Social Democracy he is, in short, the Chief Idiot of the EU idiocracy.
Karl Bilt Said recently what is needed is more Europe and Less Brussels. I echo that and add More Europe and less Idiocracy, Less Verhoftad, more subsidiarity and an end of the technocratic Commission. Ideologues of Verhofstads Type talk of preserving the Post WW2 peace and claim credit for it whilst Baiting Mr Putin and Here Mr Trump, whilst promoting Middle East Conflict and assisting in fomenting the Fascist Coup in Ukraine. This Verhostad should be in Prison not contaminating these pages with his Sophistry and bile.

Containing the Trump Threat in



Pew finds that three-quarters of the world have little or no confidence in Trump, whose favorability in most countries is now below that of George W. Bush when he left office. By that time, Bush had invaded Iraq and presided over the beginning of the 2008 global financial crisis. Even in neighbouring Canada, just 22% of those surveyed expressed confidence in Trump.



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