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Venezuala is the Global Finace Rep company on tour and theatre it is and the Lead roles may Be played by stand ins or understudies but the script remains the same.
Roving Cavaliers of Finance.

“Talk about cen­tral­i­sa­tion! The credit sys­tem, which has its focus in the so-called national banks and the big money-lenders and usurers sur­round­ing them, con­sti­tutes enor­mous cen­tral­i­sa­tion, and gives this class of par­a­sites the fab­u­lous power, not only to peri­od­i­cally despoil indus­trial cap­i­tal­ists, but also to inter­fere in actual pro­duc­tion in a most dan­ger­ous man­ner— and this gang knows noth­ing about pro­duc­tion and has noth­ing to do with it.” –
See more at: http://www.debtdeflation.com/blogs/2009/01/31/therovingcavaliersofcredit/#sthash.d4gs1dAX.dpuf
Marx, Cap­i­tal Vol­ume III, Chap­ter 33, The medium of cir­cu­la­tion in the credit sys­tem, pp. 544–45 [Progress Press] – See more at:

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Investors have been bracing for a Venezuela debt default for more than a year, but fallout from the country’s widely criticized election last weekend could prove to…



Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis http://theconquestofdough.weebly.com/

see Caspian Report Venezuelan Financial Crisis explained. The roots of the problems in Venezuela today go back to the 1980s and their exasperation today is not unrelated to a new implementation of the Monroe Doctrine. There is a long line of reforming Rulers/Governments, in history that upset the balance of the cutting of the pie.




This angle on Reform of Government is tackled in academia and I have spent the last couple of weeks reading quite a bit of the material.

The Republic of Oceana by James Harrington is well worth reading as it delineates a balance of power that intermediates rivalries between status groups in society and leads to a tolerable division of the pie.
Harrington draws on Machiavelli’s The Prince but has I think a more nuanced understanding of choices in the application of Right Reason, he distinguishes power from authority in a very pleasing way and a way in which the General narratives applied to Machiavelli do not in their celebration or certainly acceptance of The winner takes all ends justifying means approach.

“But there be certain other confusions, which, being rooted in the balance, are of longer continuance, and of worse consequence; as, first, where a nobility holds half the property, or about that proportion, and the people the other half; in which case, without altering the balance there is no remedy but the one must eat out the other, as the people did the nobility in Athens, and the nobility the people in Rome. Secondly, when a prince holds about half the dominion, and the people the other half (which was the case of the Roman emperors, planted partly upon their military colonies and partly upon the Senate and the people), the government becomes a very shambles, both of the princes and the people. Somewhat of this nature are certain governments at this day, which are said to subsist by confusion.”

Excerpt From: James Harrington. “The Commonwealth of Oceana.” iBooks.


It is also instructive to get the Angle of the English Revolution against Charles the 1st

This same power in man that causes divisions
and war is called by some men the state of nature,
which every man brings into the world with
Here is disorder, therefore this subtle spirit of
darkness . . . tells the people, You must make
one man king over you all and let him make
laws, and let everyone be obedient thereunto.
W I N S T A N L E Y , Fire in the Bush (1650), and
The Law of Freedom (1652), in Sabine, pp. 493,
THOMAS HOBBES has properly no place in this book, in so
far as it is a study of the left wing of radical Puritanism.
Hobbes was no Puritan: he was a dependent of the great aristocratic
and royalist family of the Cavendishes. He fled from England
in 1640, remaining abroad throughout the civil war. For
a time he was tutor to Prince Charles in exile. Hobbes returned
to England only at the end of 1651, after the Commonwealth
had suppressed the radicals. Yet Hobbes had a grudging admiration
for the achievements of the Revolution he thought
should never have been allowed to happen. Tf in time as in
place,’ he once said, ‘there were degrees of high and low, I
verily believe the highest of time would be that which passed
betwixt 1640 and 1660.’1 The royalist Earl of Clarendon thought
Hobbes no better than a Leveller in his belief in human equality
and a career open to the talents, denouncing Hobbes’s ‘extreme
malignity to the nobility, by whose bread he hath been always
sustained’.2 Hobbes was often intellectually of the radicals’
1. Hobbes, English Works, VI, p. 165.
2. Clarendon, A Brief View and Survey of . . . Mr Hobbes’s Book
Entitled Leviathan (Oxford U.P., 1676), pp. 181-2.

President Trumps MAGA project, Brexit, Venezuela, Brazil, Yemen, Syria, Ukraine are all tied up in this Balancing of Corporate, and Democratic Power.
It’s a long way to make the point but I think it is important.

The Dominant Power here is Finance Capitalism and the Largest Global Banks. The Satellites to their power are the Media And the political and religious factions that serve FInance Capital.

Another project I have been doing is reading religious texts as Texts on Political Economy. They are actually very instructive to read that way, when doing so it is as well to refer back to Harrington and his distinction of Power and Authority.

“The principles of government then are in the goods of the mind, or in the goods of fortune. To the goods of the mind answers authority; to the goods of fortune, power or empire. Wherefore Leviathan, though he be right where he says that “riches are power,” is mistaken where he says that “prudence, or the reputation of prudence, is power;” for the learning or prudence of a man is no more power than the learning or prudence of a book or author, which is properly authority.”

Excerpt From: James Harrington. “The Commonwealth of Oceana.” iBooks.



A web site and Blog informing the Context of the new…


Ranjan Balakumaran Thanks Roger Lewis. Harvey Cox – a theologian- did a book last year called market as God in which he states that the real news is on the business pages – which are written in the language of theology.

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Roger Lewis

Roger Lewis https://www.theatlantic.com/…/03/the-market-as-god/306397/

I think I will read that Ranjan, Liked this article which I just Found.
I was musing on this a few years back,


Harvey Cox may or may not go into the Temple Offerings and COntrol of Monetised metals going all the way back to Ancient Greek Cults and also Pharaonic Systems of cults. In my own Analysis for the purposes of my present Novel, I have been Neglecting the Eastern Influence, Both of China and India. Alexander Del Mar and Stephen Zarlenga reckon the East West Ratio of Gold to silver being at different levels established hegemony to who ever controlled the Chinese wall keeping the Arbitrage opportunity away from their Customers ( Marks) (Victims).

“All this echoes strangely familiar in the claim of central banks to be independent of their government, no matter what their charters may say. That is notably the case even in Canada and the United Kingdom, where the central governments are in fact the sole shareholder of its central bank with the explicit ultimate responsibility for its basic policy. Moreover, the official goal of “zero inflation” is unrealizable in a pluralistic urbanized high-tech society, in which ever more indispensable infrastructures are provided by the state. The coining of gold was considered the ultimate sign of sovereignty. Strip government of that prerogative, and what is left is no longer a truly sovereign power.

For a later period, after the Roman Empire had declined, it worked like this: The gold/silver ratio in the West was kept high, ranging over millennia, between 9 and 16 to 1. However, the ratio in India and Asia was kept low – usually around 6 or 7 to 1. This meant that silver taken from Europe to India was exchanged for nearly twice as much gold in India as in Europe. The nexus of this trade was the land bridge above the Middle East. Whoever controlled that area usually controlled the trade.”

This Document, regarding the EU and the question of Sovereignty from EU Laws, is a fascinating and quite large piece of the Geo Political aspects of Political Economy. geopolitical Economy. Globalisation both economically and religiously seems to be different sides of the same coin as it were.

A final Piece in the Jigsaw is the Dalton Pigou Principle which systemizes an empathetic problem in a very useful way, considering it’s from the 1920´s it would seem to suggest that a lot of Modern Market based reform has thrown the empathetic Baby out with the Market Bath water.




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