Six Ways to Sunday, The Split in the US Power Elite, Can of Worms as Rabbit Hole?

US Power Elite: at war among themselves? 

Backing up to 2012 , this analysis is very applicable to the Trump Whitehouse, Those factions still at it and the Neo Cons seem to be making a comeback. The Kushner/Trump/Netenjahu, greater israel axis makes that part of the Neo-Con project that much easier Google Trump endorsement of Netenjahu for Trumps party political broadcasts in favour of Likud.
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A lot has been written on this Internet Blog on the US Power Elite (1) and its power to decide even over life and death of the US President himself (2). The US Power Elite might count now 50 to 100 people as consequence of ongoing concentration so well described already by Karl Marx (3). But what if this elite is fractioned and at war with itself? It is not new to history that even in tight circles of power fierce fighting could break out and killing of competing members of that circle was common place in History. Especially when the power of the ruling circle is no more really challenged within its home society, as this is the case with the US and its extended system of manipulation of the masses, and when at the same time there´s much to win and much to lose…
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