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85. Perfect Storm gets nearer

I feel like I found the Holy Grail, Dr. Tim Morgans Blog. Well, that´s another day of reading when I should be DIgging a Gert big hole for our new Heating System Accumulator Tank.
If you have read Life After Growth (2013 and 2016), or before it Perfect Storm (2011), you will be familiar with the thinking on which the theory of surplus energy economics is based. Though the next article here was to have been a rescue plan for the British economy, it seems more important to update you on surplus energy economics.
My perception is that things are starting to stir, and that the climate is becoming much more receptive to ideas which challenge the traditional interpretation of economics.
What’s happening now?
Though less than six years have elapsed since Perfect Storm, a great deal has changed. Back in 2011, many found it disconcerting that the head of research at a major City institution would put his name to a report stating that a tightening of the energy equation might be bringing 200 years of…
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