Macron the New Tin Pot Hitler. The SINGLE-Party French State

In early 1990 I worked for a posh firm of real estate consultants called Hillier Parker May and Rowden in the Heart of the Square Mile ( City of London) I was there for around 3 months before we opened a new office in London Docklands, At that time Canary Wharf was a Huge Hole in the ground. Anyway, Jaques Attali was the new head of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and did not win many friends in London, certainly not in the circles I moved in. There was not a Building in London he felt was posh enough for him and his new, ( Public Bank).Of course, Docklands was not even fit for the Banks Lavatories in the attitudes at the time.

Some press cutting from Mid 90´s when I had started my own successful consultancy Firm. The second one challenging the then Mayor of the City of London on his feudal attitude to where Banks should be located.

This story Leapt out when I read it today.

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The Single-party French State

Macron the New Robespierre, The New Hitler All Hail Macron the NWO tin pot dictator.
by Diana Johnstone, June 21, 2107, via Counterpunch
French legislative elections follow hard on the heels of the Presidential election.  The momentum virtually ensures a presidential majority.  So it was taken for granted that voters would give President Emmanuel Macron a docile parliament for his five-year mandate.
But these elections were exceptional.  The victory of Macron’s personal party, la République En Marche(REM), is novel in several ways.  Not only has REM won an absolute majority of 350 out of 577 seats in the National Assembly.  REM’s victory has also bled the two traditional governing parties, the Republicans and the Socialists, perhaps fatally.
With over 130 seats, the Republican Party of former President Nicolas Sarkozy and its allies came in second, and thus ranks as leading opposition party.  But since Macron successfully lured two Republican politicians into prominent positions in his government – Edouard Philippe as Prime Minister and Bruno…
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  1. A riveting read. Attali is a truly odious little twat. I remember his grandiose list of requirements whilst searching for the European bank of reconstruction and development in 1990. He was a very unpopular person suffering under the weight of his own high opinion of himself.
    Attali’s Mini-Me being the equally oleaginous Macron, how does anyone still cling to the idea that Brexit is anything other than an escape route we should all run towards gratefully. Reading about this other sion of the EU Reich
    Its a stop the world I want to get off moment. this earlier off guardian repost of EU Fascism read together with this should be enough to ruin anyone’s afternoon tea.


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