Freedom of Speech, Amber Rudds Malicious Information Act. Then they came for the Internet. Anti Semitism and Opposition to Israeli State Crimes Conflated.

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I am no longer required to attend tomorrow’s court hearing 

Surely the Criminal Justice system must have better things to do than pursue Censorship of such a trivial type.
Dear all,
This morning, 10 am, I received notification from my solicitor that I am no longer required to attend tomorrow’s hearing at Westminster Magistrates Court.
Apologies for any inconvenience to those of you who may be travelling to London specially for the occasion.
A brief explanation is in order.
During the last hearing in July, District Judge Zani set two dates, October 4th and 25th. The latter was originally intended for legal argument. Tomorrow’s hearing was intended to clarify counsels’ position regards the prosecution expert witness statement relating to whether or not sharing a hyperlink constitutes sending an offensive message under the 2003 Communications Act.
In court, I was told by the judge that although I was not obliged to attend on the 4th, I was welcome to do so if I so wished.
However, shortly after July’s hearing, I received a hard copy summons by post to my…
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