Lets Talk about Mrs Mays Replacement. A record of Fattening the Wrong Pig.

Where it all started going wrong for The UK. Cameron chosen over Davis and May replacing Cameron instead of Davis.
May Must Go! Davis is the best person to keep the PM´s seat warm for Jeremy Corbyn. UK Parliamentary Government and Cabinet Government require a Strong opposition and a full range of views in Cabinet and in the House of Commons. The Tories have screwed up since 2010, Blair screwed up from 2000 onwards. UK Government has been malfunctioning since the record low turnout of the 2001 Election. 2001 59.4% http://www.ukpolitical.info/Turnout45.htm
Between Mogg and Davis, I think either will help to get a real debate engaged in UK democratic discourse.
I Hope that The rejuvenated Labour Party can maintain an honest and broad debate in its own discourse and engage with The Tories and the Other UK parties in a sensible debate. An end to Karaoke Politics is sorely needed in the UK but also in the European Union.


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You Can´t Fatten the pig on market day”, Mrs May Stays at Home #BBCDebate


Election 2017, Debates 2010, 2015 and 2017 in word clouds. The Hug that said it all in 2015. 

The following 3 data presentations are what you will make of them. I carried out the analysis for my own curiosity as to whether the political debates ever touch on Ideology or Ethics. What it is to be Liberal, Conservative or Progressive.

In the 2015 debates Leanne Woods, Nicola Sturgeon and Natalie Bennet stood out for me as the most politically pedagogical as they all mentioned Austerity and Cuts and Woods and Sturgeon have even identified explicitly the Ideology of Neo Liberalism in their interview appearance that campaign.
Draw your own conclusions of course.

In 2017 Brexit was the early runner and of course, the position of the 3 Female leaders who showed up all being remainers did not find it convenient to draw the attention of voters to the hopelessly Neo-Liberal and embedded Austerity positions of the EU, with Austerity baked into trade deals and institutions alike.


BBC Debate , Salient Words. Word Clouds and New Poll You/Gov Times Tory Lead collapse to 3%.

Transcript. For 2005 Cameron Debate. Link to :ODT Doc



Politics Idol, When Making the tune your own just isn´t enough anymore.

Politics Idol,

When Making the tune your own
just isn´t enough anymore.

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