ON THE NATURE OF TOTALITARIANISM “The lies of totalitarian movements" Hannah Arendt.

What’s Behind The Man Behind The Curtain

Conspiracy rabbit holing can be tricky. It only takes a slight glitch in your interface with the establishment propaganda matrix to make you acutely aware that the talking heads on TV and the politicians in Washington are lying to everybody, and that’s often all it takes to get you asking questions. But once you move toward trying to get those questions answered, it can be so easy to get lost along the way.

Interesting Questions and a clear shared experience. Rupert Sheldrake has a theory he calls Morphic Ressonance, it says that once a thought or knowledge initiates in a species then the Knowledge replicates over space and time through a sort of metaphysical internet cloud.
In Shellys Poem the Masque of Anarchy he states , “Rise Like Lions after Slumber, in unvanquishable Number, throw your chains to ground like Dew, We are many they are few” .
Paul Foots article on Shelly is well worth a read, Queen Mab is other worldly in its deep wisdom.
I have written a trilogy tackling these Themes, Usury ( Money/Debt), The Bourgoise ( its not the Kings and Queens, its the Courtiers that keep the Throne intact) and Globalisation Unentangled. Which examines Factions in the Oligarchy.
The series of Poems started with an Essay The Iron Law of Oligarchy.
I have been reading a collection of Essays by Hannah Arrendt this past week.
ON THE NATURE OF TOTALITARIANISM / 355The lies of totalitarian movements, invented for the moment, as well as the forgeries committed by totalitarian regimes, are secondary to this fundamental attitude that excludes the very distinction between truth and falsehood. It is for this end, that is, for the consistency of a lying world order, rather than for the sake of power or any other humanly understandable sinfulness, that totalitarianism requires total domination and global rule and is prepared to commit crimes which are unprecedented in the long and sinful history of mankind.*
*This and the preceding ten paragraphs are from the manuscript entitled “Ideology and Propaganda.” -Ed.
If one then throws in Arendts observations of the importance of the Seperation of powers in functioning states and the failure of the fourth estate one gets to a Dystopian Rovian turn in a peculiar Anti-Historicity where Facts and reason become the enemy of Raw Power, all the while The Masses as Nero fiddle whilst Rome Burns.

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