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123   123 Roger Lewis shared a link. Just now ·  LinkedIn  ·      One-page summary of the depopulation/globalization system ONE-PAGE SUMMARY OF THE INTERNATIONAL SYSTEM The post-WW2 international system revolves around the depopulation/globalization axis and has the United LINKEDIN.COM     Like Comment Share   Comments Roger Lewis     Full Disclosure of the …

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Some Recent Comments on the BBC Web Site. Roger Listed below are comments made by Roger between Friday, 21st July 2017 and Friday, 27th October 2017 (4 Hours Ago) . «Newer Older» David Davis warned over Brexit vote promise for MPs 08:51am on 27 Oct 2017 Brexit a Limerick. David Davis warned over Brexit vote promise for MPs 08:48am on 27 Oct 2017 633 patswaz We are addressing Brexit, The …

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