Apple and Hardware euthenasia. (Planned Obsolescence) The Answer. Botting 64 bit Linux on 32 Bit EFI Mac Pro 1.1(2006)

Going full Linux now and will be working on IPFS, SWARM and Internet IO distributed computing plaforms and building some apps for the Ethereum block chain.
I have been into Free Software for the whole time we have been in sweden, The advance in the Linux orbit is unrecognisable in the last 8 years and that I can run a full 64 bit system on legacy hardware which in Mac World is obsolete speaks volumes for how the Corporate oligopoly is failing the economy for its own super profits greed.
MAC practices hardware euthenasia. This MAC Pro 1.1 is part of the resistance.

Here’s our latest story as well as recent major announcements, featuring the epicenter of GPU computing, the era of AI, the world’s largest gaming platform, an…

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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis with FFADO and JAck I should be able to get my MOTU Traveller fully functioning with the New system, there is HDMI on the GTX 960 which is plug and play or the original sound output is also available but for use of the ARDOUR recording suite I will persevere with getting the MOTU runnning. MOTU unlike NVIDA have not got their act together supporting Linux developers with driver support etc. NVIDIA have really pulled a rabbit out of the hat in the past year. Last Summer I simply could not get a bootable system working with the GTX 960 on this machine and Ubuntu 16.04, it now offers the driver in the alternative software screen.( Fanfare sounds, Cheers and general celebrations!)

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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Mac Pro 1.1 and 64 bit Ubuntu 16.04 lts rocking Ge Force GTX 960ś and opening the world of distributed network computing on a budget.

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Burn a CD and End Apples Hardware euthenasia programme today. GNU/Linus we are the resistance!!!
IPFS UP and Running, See this short post on Terminal Commands.



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