The Distributed Web, Energy Based Economics , Trustless Value Transfer Systems.

Periodically, usually every 12-18 months I find that my reading and research loop back to a common point, All roads lead back to a central direction or a common vector. This past 3 months I have been immersed in the Hardware side of computing looking at and implementing my own Mining operation for Crypto Currencies. I Blogged about Ethereum during its first release into the wild at that point I bought a 10 MH/s mining contract from Genesis Mining and whilst I got a miner working on my old mac pro under the OSX operating system the 32 bit EFI in my 2006 Mac gave me all sorts of issues. I blogged about turning that machine into a 64 Bit GNU/Linux machine with 32 bit EFI booting in a post called Apple Hardware euthanasia.I have since got a 150 MH/S Rig Up and running and have all sorts of fun plans to build ever more elaborate and exciting confections of nerdiness. On Hardware euthanasia and planned obsolescence ( My last Blog post back in November), we come to the Full Circle part of my Post this VPRO documentary is one I watched when it first came out, and I have made a few posts and comments regarding the circular economy but this documentary and the interview with Thomas Rau is the most incisive and prescient of everything I watched and as is usual with the good stuff the Google algorithms have usually defeated me when I have wanted to link to this mind-blowing documentary interview. If having watched that you then consider another big event which I had been interested in and mentioned in passing in the Blog, The DAO and the Ethereum Hard Fork and Slocket. We see a crossing of paths and a glimpse of potentials and just how disruptive the Blockchain enabled World of commerce will become, USE will eclipse ownership and money will become a much more directly mappable concept between use rights and exchanges rather than Ownership rights and trust based custodial hierarchies. I do not feel a need to elaborate on the connections here, they are potential and the film gives some interesting metaphors as well as real-world illustrations of its conception of one Possible Future World. Maria Abramovitch makes a cameo appearance somewhat less disturbing that the Spirit Cooking work of hers that has been in the non-corporate media. This is a film I made about a trip to the Universeum back in 2013 Rau and Wingårdh would make a very interesting interview together I think.


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  1. PodStop Pit Stop Cellular Automated Motels
    Jan 31
    Hi Stephen I blogged about this around one year ago I hope progress is coming
    This site I discovered in some old notes yesterday, revieing some stuff and getting back to finishing #CoquestofDough

    Pauls stuff is very deeply memory holed
    This slide show is brilliant
    The following is a logical proof, laid out in diagrams and animated flow charts, of what is meant by “Twice-Lent” Money and why this simple but overlooked dynamic is important.
    Use the PREVIOUS/NEXT buttons to move through the slides at your own pace. roll your mouse over the slide numbers at the bottom to access any slide directly.

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