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Updated 5th September 2019



There is a world of a difference between a Labour 2017 manifesto Brexit and a Tory ( Hard Brexit) The EU imposes Neo-Liberal polices on all of its member states, think of it as TTIP for the Single Market members. Austerity is written into the EU constitution by the dictates of the EU COmission and the European Central Bank.
As the UK Has Stirling the worst excesses of The EU Ultra Hayekian Economic Policies which Mr Schoebel and the rest of the EU ( Austerity fetishists) Worship fervently as it is their Ideological muse to do so. Was always a Political choice which was available and not taken by the Tories.
With Brexit Political Choices open up in the realms of Social Democracy outside of the present EU Neo-Liberal Regime, The Tories will understand this as well but of course, they are very keen to Keep the Magic Money Tree a secret by Laughing at the very notion of it.

This Current disagreement between “Progress” Blairites of the Neo-Liberal EU Idiocracy is a symptom of the withdrawal the Austerity Fetishist get when they can not dish out the Pain with the excuse of it’s in the rules.

To follow my Arguments does take a little effort, But The minimum effort required is to watch these three clips in the Lexit movie

pay particular attention to the Finnish Shipping Labour Law Case at 47 mins ( Viking Case, Estonian Flag of convenience). Or Train Privatisation in The EU at 16mins. Eu Austerity policies at 22mins.

For anyone wishing to master all of the Arguments for Reforming the EU and Doing EUROPE as a social democracy and for Operating as a Social Democratic Exemplar outside of EUROPE whilst they continue in the wilderness of the Junker Led Neo-Liberal wilderness I recommend these Articles I have written which have linked to many articles and technical papers which go into detail to the Nth Degree. Richard A North should also be consulted and his Flexit Blog.



Regarding the EU I have critiqued Mr Junkers 5 presidents report here,


I have examined and analysed EU democracy Here,


The Graphing of Votes made in various EU plebiscites is very informative.I collated and graphed data from Wikipedia to make it.

I am A Philosopher and a Poet and My Effort on the Brexit Referendum was this.

I also Play The Guitar and Write Songs here is my adaptation of a Sex Pistols Classic.

Of all the points I make here the confirmation Bias and Blind Faith in ideology ones are I think the most important. Many-Sidedness is a useful conceptualization of Reality.


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