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What a mess and what a whole lot of circular reasoning continues in the Brexit Discourse.
My question is this? Is a federal Europe a good idea?
Karl Bildt argues for more Europe but less Brussels that is more subsidiarity.
Political Economy requires an overhaul both in the Uk and in the EU. The ECB and the EURO are probably democracies’ greatest threat in the Euro Zone, not Cambridge Analytica. State collection of data and marginalisation of dissenters is a default setting for the security state the digital age allows the State to do much more than it was technologically able to previously that this has been a state invented industry ripened and hived off for privatisation for Private sector Cronies should surprise no one.
May I ask you a question, Richard. Do you think the UK should Keep the Pound Stirling?
I live in Sweden and there seems very little chance of Sweden giving up the Kroner anytime soon, the Finnish experience has hardened Swedish views on this I think. Would the EU work better if Germany returned to the Deutch Mark indeed would Greece be in such a mess if it had maintained the Drachma?
A witty guy Called Derrick Wall once tweeted this. *Brexit an imaginary solution to real problems*
The EU has a huge democratic deficit The turnout in the June General election last year dumfounded the media which worked hard to secure a low turnout I suspect that is the aim with the current media narrative ahead of the May Local Elections.
Another Question. Which problems does one hope to solve and for whom by staying In or leaving the EU? From the EU perspective, which problems does the EU think it will solve by the EU remaining in the EU or what are the problems for the EU following a loss of UK membership?
Some topics for consideration.
1. Inequality, poverty and homelessness
2. Pension Provision/ Aging Population
3. MultiCulturalism v Immigration v refugees v enlargement/encroachment Russian Federation Sphere of Influence
4. Brics/ Washington Consensus Dichotomy.
5. Energy Cliff in EROEI Terms Oil/Gas/Coal/Nuclear/Hydro/Wind/Solar etc.
6. Debt Based or Energy/Carbon-Based Currency intra-European/ International Trade?
If one were to prepare a report card and grade any set of Political or Business elites under the above headings regardless of affiliation no one gets a pass. The political obsession with confusing Symptoms for causes characterises the Debate on Brexit it’s much wider than Brexit
to repeat Dereck again
Brexit Imaginary Solution to real problems!



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