SKRIPAL UPDATE: who runs Britain – Parliament, or the Hidden Persuaders?

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metodayIn this post, I wish to express strongly my view that – as regards the Skripal poisoning allegations by Her Majesty’s Government – it is time to stop playing politics, and way past the hour at which All Good Legislators and True should accept that the crisis we face is a constitutional one. If it wants to assert it’s sovereignty over a mad Cabinet and a rogue Intelligence Community, then it is now or never for Parliament.
The last 36 hours have demonstrated that a senior member of the UK Cabinet has been forced into a corner where his word as a Minister of the Crown is now seriously in doubt. The only people who can act as a catalyst to further investigation are other MPs…..regardless of Party or opinion.
As predicted by the indefatigable online writer Craig Murray, yesterday the top pointy-head at Porton Down issued an…
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