A Tangled Web Indeed. Brexit practised to decieve. Skripal Farce

On Climate heresies, Witchhunts and Civil Discourse.

 “A fire, a fire is burning! I hear the boot of Lucifer, I see his filthy face! And it is my face, and yours, Danforth! For them that quail to bring men out of ignorance, as I have quailed, and as you quail now when you know in all your black hearts that this be fraud – God damns our kind especially, and we will burn, we will burn together!”
― Arthur Miller, The Crucible

Jeremy Corbyn was right to be cautious about blaming Moscow for the Skripal poisoning

Bearing in mind Iraq and the general anti-Russian consensus, I am reluctant to trust what ministers were saying. If there was cast-iron evidence that the Russian state ‘did it’, then the existence of such evidence could not just be taken on trust

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Mrs May and her crew of incompetent place-men and women will lose the next election all by themselves they do not need any assistance Week and wobbly they are, were and will remain. Brexit fall out due to the now impossible to hide military accords with France and already set in motion EU army show that Brexit due to the pre-ordained remain assumption, was already front ran by a host of geopolitical treaties.
A rash of hastily cooked up narratives are being fed into the record as it were to conceal to what amounts to treason by May, Cameron and The Brown and Blair Governments.
The news is manufactured to tell a story the public will swallow, read the comments in this discussion and you will see how well the idiotic drivel the Corporate Media serves up actually works.
The Security Minister Ben Wallace doubled down on Boris’s lies post Porton Down Aitkenhead statement and OPCW vote. That the German BND tried the same scam in 1995 and were eviscerated in a 12-page der spiegel scoop on the whole affair is not something the Diligent Corporate Media have seen fit to remind us of. The New York Times has a Motto,’All the news fit to print’. of course news that contradicts the Corporate Narrative is not fit to print.
The irony of Ironies The Independent, with this ‘edgy’ ‘daring” sceptical’ Article, is offered through the Largesse of a Russian Oligarch, the lesson re Oligarchs is that they like all groups of people are not all Bad guys but even good guys have a weather eye on their own best interests.


“In brief, my lord, we both descried
(For then I stood by Henry’s side)
The Palmer mount, and outwards ride,
  Upon the earl’s own favourite steed:
All sheathed he was in armour bright,
And much resembled that same knight,
Subdued by you in Cotswold fight:
  Lord Angus wished him speed.”
The instant that Fitz-Eustace spoke,
A sudden light on Marmion broke:
“Ah! dastard fool, to reason lost!”
He muttered; “‘Twas nor fay nor ghost
I met upon the moonlight wold,
But living man of earthly mould.
  O dotage blind and gross!
Had I but fought as wont, one thrust
Had laid De Wilton in the dust,
  My path no more to cross.
How stand we now?—he told his tale
To Douglas; and with some avail;
  ‘Twas therefore gloomed his rugged brow.
Will Surrey dare to entertain,
‘Gainst Marmion, charge disproved and vain?
  Small risk of that, I trow.
Yet Clare’s sharp questions must I shun;
Must separate Constance from the nun –
Oh, what a tangled web we weave,
When first we practise to deceive!
A Palmer too!—no wonder why
I felt rebuked beneath his eye:
I might have known there was but one
Whose look could quell Lord Marmion.”

Sir Walter Scott Marmion.

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