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2.5 The scope of the Fact-Finding Mission’s mandate does not include the task of attributing responsibility for the alleged use1 . 1 Fifth preambular paragraph of EC-M-48/DEC.1; sixth preambular paragraph of EC-M-50/DEC.1; eighth preambular paragraph of the United Nations Security Council resolution 2235 (2015).

6.24 This investigation demonstrated: (a) an unusual prior event; (b) a number of afflicted persons with a similar disease or syndrome presenting at around the same time; (c) a number of cases of unexplained disease; (d) an illness occurring in an unusual setting within a community; (e) analyses of signs and symptoms; and (f) positive laboratory results. 6.25 Whilst the conditions for a safe visit to Khan Shaykhun were not met, the FFM concludes that a large number of people, some of whom died, were exposed to sarin, and that the release that caused the exposure was likely initiated from a release in the vicinity of a crater in the road, located close to the silos in the northern part of the town. It is the conclusion of the team that such a release can only be determined as the use of the Schedule 1A(1) chemical sarin, as a chemical weapon. Annexes (English only): Annex 1: Reference Documentation Annex 2: Open Sources Annex 3: Timelines Annex 4: Evidence Obtained by the FFM Annex 5: Characteristics of Nerve Agents and Sarin


he OPCW expressed “serious concern” over the Khan Shaykhun chemical attack and said that its Fact-Finding Mission in Syria was “gathering and analysing information from all available sources.”[7] The following day, the Technical Secretariat of the OPCW, referring to the media reports, requested all member states of the Chemical Weapons Convention to share available information on what it described preliminary as “allegations of use of chemical weapons in the Khan Shaykhun area of Idlib province in the Syrian Arab Republic.”[8]
The OPCW declared on 19 April that lab results “indicate that the victims were exposed to sarin or a sarin-like substance.”[9]


N Korea missile ‘could reach UK shores within months’

North Korean leader Kim Jong-unImage copyrightEUROPEAN PHOTOPRESS AGENCY
Image captionKim Jong-un is ruthless but rational, say MPs
North Korea will almost certainly be able to reach UK shores with an intercontinental ballistic missile within six to 18 months, MPs have said.
However, the Commons’ Defence Select Committee report said there was as yet no evidence that North Korea could arm these missiles with nuclear warheads.
MPs, who have been investigating the threat posed by North Korea, added that such a strike seemed “highly unlikely”.
They described the country’s ruler, Kim Jong-un, as “ruthless but rational”.



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