Wardy Slogs it out the Park, Boris LBW and General Sir Walter Walker trys to Avoid the Follow on.

Last week, I led at The Slog with this headline:
‘Military Industrial Complex’ is one of those phrases to describe the unelected Alt State that many people assume to have emanated from US hairy Left-wing paranoid intellectuals during the 1960s. It is thus easy to dismiss as just one more form of conspiracy theory.
In fact, Republican President Dwight ‘Ike’ Eisenhower coined the phrase in a televised address to the American People in 1959. A military man himself, he already knew back then that the Pentagon and the CIA were crammed with hawks, and closely allied to Texas oilco nutjobs. Once JFK was elected, Ike warned him that his biggest challenge was not abroad but at home. Their meeting left a massive impression on the young President; within six months of being in office, he was confiding to his brother Robert, the Attorney General, that “these guys make the…
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An incisive and forensic poke about the entrails of the Bullingdon Beast John.
On Corbyn, he is something of a Chance the gardener (Chauncey Gardiner) type character
Another excellent autopsy on the entrails of the Bullingdon Beast John. On Corbyn I think the analysis is too superficial. Heres Why.
he was in the first leadership election race to give the impression of a real choice from the broad church of Labour his win was akin to the same establishment miscalculation that Saw the Leave vote prevail on Brexit and in the US Trump prevail against all the odds against Ms Rodham Clinton .
Corbyn is an unashamed Old Trot, Eric Hobswain the famous Old Marxist Historian recanted from his past Stalinist Sympathies there can be no loyalty to the **Party** in the Stalinist/Soviet Sense as the Soviet Union No longer exists and no one wants it back let alone anyone being in a position to make it even remotely possible.
So What about Corbyn and What about Trump and What about Putin are all 3 outsiders and Gatekeepers or just Outsiders.
”On Trump I am less certain, I am reluctant to fall back on the Your Enemies enemy is your friend argument but that the Establishment is so All in with Clinton just as it is all in against Jeremy Corbyn suggests that both of them are likely to be rejecting the status quo and established structures of power and control. All politicians are fallible just like the rest of us and all are capable of discovering common humanity within themselves which of Clinton and Trump is more likely to discover their own humanity and some humility and empathy or which is more likely to fail in derailment of any social movement for real change to the existing order of things? of course, we can not know the answer, Clinton has real form and if she performs according to form that’s not good news, for me, in that case, I would back the novice runner with no form, Trump in this case.”
Corbyn is a privy Councillor and has been an MP forever such a background as his does not mark him out as anything other than deeply establishment, Tony Ben was the same, they do though act as Establishment Gatekeepers but Gatekeepers who are not to be trusted with Leadership roles.
I made this selection of Clips from Past Coups against Lefties the Establishment took against.
General Sir Walter Walker is worth watching again always good value, Met lots of Sir Walter clones when going to military ranges with my father on School hols back in the late 60’s and early 70’s
http://isc.independent.gov.uk/committee-members Keith Simpson was an Instructor at Sandhurst back in Sir walters day and features in the Documentary acting as the leader of a communist rabble called Red something or other modelled on Arthur Scargill.
The really awful realisation is that even if Corbyn gets in nothing will change as nothing has changed with trump. Real Change will only come when the people exercise their power to withdraw consent to be governed. This can manifest in various ways not paying Taxes, refusing to accept civil court judgements and other acts of Lawfull rebellion can force the system to reform, the Internet will make for an interesting re-run of the Peasants Revolt.

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