Some sort of False Flag is highly likely, Douma? History Rhyming.? #GivePeaceaChance

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To paraphrase Michael Caine in ‘The Italian Job’, the bloody doors have just been blown off what remained of the UK mainstream media and political establishment’s credibility. #SkripalCase
Sarah Sheppard
Sarah Sheppard Wtf is going on !!


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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis it seems an amateur night frame up job has been rumbled Sarah. What has actually happened may never come to light I suspect though that we are in for a general election over the summer.the odds of it have certainly shortened at any rate.…/an-extremely-boring-video-do…/

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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Brexit being kicked into the long grass and hiding the merger of UK’s armed forces into the EU army and French Treaty regarding military cooperation are all part of the reason this crisis has been engineered. Some sort of False Flag is highly likely or possibly some sort of conflict in Syria/Ukraine involving UK armed forces etc. The Establishment wish to stop Brexit at all costs, BoJo is part of that mindset he never seriously wanted Brexit he went with that camp hoping to lose and bolster his leadership prospects against George OsbourneManage

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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis uk report very good I watch it every lunchtime live these days excellent analysis.

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Roger Lewis
Roger Lewis Paul Carline
April 7, 2018
Another very likely motive for this laughable attempt at an incriminating false flag – for which there was never a plausible Russian motive – is that it was cooked up rapidly and therefore clumsily as a smokescreen or diversi
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History Rhyming.

Syria Cui Bono, Incitatus (Boris Johnson) Caligula (john Kerry) and the Curious case of the New Consul at the United Nations Security Council (Updated 7th April , Trump ordered attack On Syria) 


Syria is all about Gas, not poison Sarin Gas but Gas Pipelines. It is also not about Hydro Carbons in themselves but the market for hydrocarbons and which currency contracts of supply are settled in otherwise known  as,  US petrodollar hegemony.

Legitimate question. Does Jared Kushner have any interests in the Leviathan Gas field or any of the Israeli-backed Pipeline projects? #MAGA#Drain The Swamp. Starting to dig around will report back.


Tangled Web,  Syria and Gas. Trump meets Egyptian President, that is a rejection of the Moslem Brotherhood, siding against Qatar in Syria and With Saudi broadly and therefore the ISIL Wahabbist and Saudi funded Al Queda. There’s Gas in them there Golan Heights 

Incitatus visits the Forum with due ‘Ungar’ (SIC)

How does one start to fathom where the Rhetoric starts, the Sophistry takes over and the mendacity overwhelms. How can anyone posture from a moral high ground that so long ago already opened up in a great chasm of incredulity and swallowed the US State department whole.

Watching the Un Security council live in session yesterday was cringeworthy. In a summer of consecutive low points, each time relieved that surely they had now done their worse. John Kerry and Boris Johnson yesterday stole the biscuit in a performance that surely would have made even Lucian, the great Roman satirist of the Roman Elite, Blush. Their performances could possibly mark Peak Mendacity, at least for 2016.

Caligula appointed his horse consul ( he actually appointed it as a Priest). We should all know of Caligula’s greek love of his Consul(Priestly horse) and similarly, Secretary Kerry had clearly groomed the new Caligulan Equus ferus caballus to compliantly entertain the emperors will. Boris was clearly bent over and exposing his thinking parts.


Boris was not specific as to the outrages he was referring to in the general rhetorical flourishes of his introductory scene setting. White phosphorous lots of Slaughter, lots of ‘Únger’, had to look that one up for those who didn’t already know UNGA, ah the United Nations General Assembly. This UNGA this, this UNGA that, and there was me thinking the great Bullingdon Club classicist was earnestly entreating with polished Latin or greek for the Present dignitaries, some we were told even with ‘University degrees’, to seize the day, Carpe Diem with UNGA in our souls. But no it’s a bloody acronym. Boris, come on, bloody UNGA.

Why Ridiculous Official Propaganda Still Works

For students of official propaganda, manipulation of public opinion, psychological conditioning, and emotional coercion, it doesn’t get much better than this. As Trump and his army of Goldman Sachs guys, corporate CEOs, and Christian zealots slouch toward inauguration day, we are being treated to a master class in coordinated media manipulation that is making Goebbels look like an amateur. This may not be immediately apparent, given the seemingly risible nature of most of the garbage we are being barraged with, but once one understands the actual purpose of such official propaganda, everything starts to make more sense.


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