conclusion that the MSM is a lie machine,MSM All In with Lies about everything

Red Lines, Settled Science, The end of History and entitled Facts. If Truth were subject to Patent Law.

Red Lines, Settled Science, The end of History and entitled Facts. If Truth were subject to Patent Law.

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 If  Truth were subject to  Patent Law.

Red Lines, Settled Science, The end of History and entitled Facts.
I did a blog about Boris Johnson at the United Nations General Assembly on the last occasion of the periodic scolding  of both the truth and of Bashar Assad, ( )

Some sort of False Flag is highly likely, Douma? History Rhyming.? #GivePeaceaChance

Syria Cui Bono, Incitatus (Boris Johnson) Caligula (john Kerry) and the Curious case of the New Consul at the United Nations Security Council (Updated 7th April , Trump ordered attack On Syria)

Since then the catechism of fake news has developed into a higher art form and as such I have been musing over the idea that, how would Claims made in newspapers or television media look if they were subject to the same rigors as claiming a patent over an invention, or innovation, what would the patent clerk turned truth clerk make of it all when he looked at his in-tray (inbox) of the hopeful claimants to a unique claim to some previously unasserted or unknown truth. We are further asked to bow to expert opinion, what constitutes an expert these days? Further how much better is an experts opinion than any other opinion where the content is speculation even common sense.
Fifty percent of the population is of below media intelligence, and knowledge concerning any matter would be distributed similarly. In the West, particularly in the Anglosphere, the proles are brainwashed, relentlessly, 24/7, by fakestream media liars and hypocrites, PR, advertising, ‘think-tanks’ and ‘entertainment’ ALL of which promulgate a relentless Rightwing, neo-liberal and Imperialist propaganda narrative. I really cannot recall a single report anywhere in the indoctrination apparatus, concerning Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela, etc, that I have seen, which was not negative, often venomously so. And people are cowards. Upon encountering a belligerent Zionist, most people cower before the usual foam-flecked outbursts, and, if you stand your ground, you are obviously an ‘antisemite’ and this is another ‘antisemitic’ incident to report, or get you thrown out of the Labour Party or your employment terminated. Similar problems arise, usually at a lesser intensity, if you dare defend Russia or China. It’s like arguing with any Rightist, over subjects like anthropogenic climate destabilisation, where science, rationality and simple commonsense evaporate before the onslaught of ideological certainty. It’s one of the many faults of ‘human intelligence’ that will shortly get us extinguished as a species.


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