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The air strikes in Syria: an evolving narrative 

Tony Carlucci is one of my Favourite contributors to Global Research he produced the same document earlier.
Trump risks alienating his base.
Patrick Cawson, Wesley Clarke 5 ciountries in % Years , Peanac etc etc
Complete, unedited video of Patrick Clawson’s responses to questions regarding U.S. policy toward Iran at a Policy Forum in Washington, DC, on September 21, 2012.
a map of potential confrontation
It seems almost certain now that the attack on the Syrian airbase near Homs last night was by the Israeli airforce, though we can assume this was with the approval of the USA. While Syria has attacked that airbase before in recent months, the coincidence of timing, less than a day after the alleged “chemical attack” at Douma, obviously raises a lot of questions about what agenda was being served.
Was this a one-off attack using Israel as a shield for US action as discussed in a Brookings Institution paper from 2009? (we agree with the author of that article that this aspect doesn’t get enough discussion).
Was it a prelude to a wider involvement by the USA, France and maybe even the UK? How far is NATO intending to push the risk of a direct confrontation with Russia? How will Russia respond to the…
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