Globalist Stunts: Global Climate Change, Islamophobia and other False FLags

US carrier group to reach Persian Gulf only by May. OPsychopathic Outbursts 

In an attempt to show the wider context of the Sweep of Geopolitics and Globalism’s Neo-Liberal Fascist Coup over the past New American Century.
1. Petro Dollar / Debt and Usury
2. Climate Change, Misanthropy and Anthropocentric idioms ofManicheann Evil.
3. The concentration of Media Manufactured Compliance/Indifference, Things have moved on From Consent.

4. Islamaphobia

5. The Elites as the new Chosen People. 

6. War on Drugs, War on Terror, War on Carbon.
rogerglewis            April 12, 2018
    • Mulga Mumblebrain
      Your denialist thesis falls at the first hurdle. Only some of the fakestream media supports the thesis of anthropogenic climate destabilisation caused by the accumulation of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. The hard Right fakestream media is still, like you, fully denialist, and much of the rest actively downplays the gravity of the situation. Hardly surprising at all, as fossil fuels represent the ‘greatest material prize in history’.
      We must recall that the anthropogenic climate destabilisation theory is supported by >99% of recently published climate scientists. The US Academy of Science declared it ‘settled science’, and ALL the Academies of Science and scientific societies on the planet concur. Moreover denialism becomes more than usually lunatic, even for a Rightist, when global average temperatures are rising rapidly, Arctic temperatures are now often ten to forty degrees Celsius above average, the jet-streams are increasingly deranged, montane glaciers are disappearing world-wide, Arctic summer sea ice is rapidly disappearing, Antarctic glaciers are melting and destabilising far quicker than expected, the AMOC is at its weakest for 1600 years and still rapidly weakening further, records of leaf and flower budding and opening of plants show rapid changes, the permafrost line in the northern hemisphere is rapidly heading north, megafires are raging across the Earth and I could go on all day. To deny all that takes real fanaticism, but some hard-core Rightists are still down to the task.

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It is important to put the Latest Syrian Blow-Up and False Flag in the context of the war on terror starting With 9/11 but going back even further to Clinton and Bosnia/Kosovo .
From Tony Carlucci’s excellent Blog Land Destroyer.
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Tony Cartalucci
The US attempts to claim terrorists who paraded civilians around in cages as human shields would not mass murder them in a staged chemical attack to save themselves & their agenda. #Douma #Syria #DoumaMassacre …
12:01 PM – Apr 9, 2018
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Tony Carlucci is one of my Favourite contributors to Global Research he produced the same document earlier.
Trump risks alienating his base.
Ricky Peter Newins
9 Apr
Replying to @RogerGLewis @YouTube
What’s your take on this act of cruelty Roger?
Roger Glyndwr Lewis
@RogerGLewis … Hi Ricky, Trump is in danger of alienating his base he did promise to concentrate on US home affairs, Israel and France and EU look like taking the lead, this is to frustrate Brexit, For US interests Petro Yuan challenge to petrodollar key.
11:46 AM – Apr 9, 2018
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Patrick Clawson, Wesley Clarke 5 countries in 5 Years , Peanac etc etc
Complete, unedited video of Patrick Clawson’s responses to questions regarding U.S. policy toward Iran at a Policy Forum in Washington, DC, on September 21, 2012.


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