April 13, 2018 at 12:07 pm
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Free to Stream on Internet Archive.
Well worth watching this TerrorStorm Movie
Its a sort of win-win for the Establishment, Impeach trump if he acts and vilify him if he does not.
Trump is looking to get UK and France to Act and take the credit as he has tried to take the credit for defeating ISIS.
The US Task Force is some time off getting to the Gulf, without the Task Force the US forces there are sitting Ducks,
The Skripal Narrative and the Douma False Flag will not sustain concerted examination by the court of public opinion on the web, hence another false flag is required.
ISGP recommended Alex Jones Film Terror Strom watching it now, very good.


In a Slog special today, the blog turns tabloid due to force majeur: events are now moving so quickly towards disastrous action, time is of the essence if the Decency Resistance in Britain is to be mobilised behind Truth and doubts that the Government seems happy to bend, crush or ignore. These islands are now closer to dictatorship than at any time since 1640.
Following last night’s Slogpost reporting the OPCW summary on Skripal and the YouGov study showing only 20% support in the UK for Syrian strikesthe Cabinet met – when most citizens were asleep and Parliament was in recess – to give the go-ahead to proceed with air-based attacks on the Assad régime.
During that time, more digging has taken place and more expert opinion found by The Slog and others to place yet further doubt on the credibility (or necessity) of this headlong…
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