French Intel Of a Type and Quality Found in the Steele Dossier.

The Third Act seems to be due after the intermission.
Acts one and two were Amateur Night from MI% and MI6
Act 3 will bring on the undisputed Pros in the Dark arts of False Flaggery The 9/11 Boys Mossad.
Before and after this most recent and impotent strike on Syria, Israel has claimed of an impending Iranian attack on its territory. Such an attack would – again – serve only as a pretext for the US and its allies to intervene in Syria amid a war Syria and its Russian and Iranian allies have already won.
Israel may stage an attack on its own forces – or an attack on US, British, or French forces in the region may be staged. Unlike an alleged or staged chemical attack on civilians, staging a military attack on Western forces and their regional allies would allow an immediate and much larger military response.
On The French Claims to having evidence repeated at the Security Council at the UN today.

French declassified intelligence report on Syria gas attacks

The Skripal event and the Douma “gas attack” – two acts in the same drama? 

French declassified intelligence report on Syria gas attacks
5:52 PM – 14 Apr 2018
The illegal air strikes on Syria by the coalition of the guilty (US, France, UK) have happened, to no one’s great surprise. As such things go all current indications are that they were more token than anything else. The Russians are saying around 100 missiles were fired at an unclear number of targets, of which around 70% were intercepted. Syrian General Staff are reporting 3 injuries and no deaths. Mattis was at pains to say this was a one-off, though adding the reckless caveat that any further evidence of chemical weapons usage by Assad might change that (thus giving every lunatic or CIA/neocon-controlled cell in Syria a pure gold motive for a false fag).
Compared to how bad this might have been, this is a fairly harmless result for the present.
We’ve resisted the temptation to do any kind of analysis of things so far, preferring to let them…
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