Great Britain’s emerging position as an illiberal, sham democracy.” style=”color:#3478e3;text-decoration-line:none;”>THE SUNDAY ESSAY: 12 reasons to support the concept of Britain as a neo-totalitarian State with no right to be bombing Syria 

This is an important piece of writing John.
I agree with you about Momentum and John Mc Donnel. I sort of agreeing on Corbyn a taste of what He and we are up against was seen on the Marr show today.
Johnson was truly Ghastly, Corbyn was Canny and Marr serpent-like in his own strange way.
On Corbyn I think there is a real danger to his Life in the same Manner with which Olof Palme was eliminated here in Sweden.
Dave Massingham
April 15, 2018
Yes, indeed, that crossed my mind some time back! The toffs at the top of the Tory party are shitting themselves over his and her incompetence. Shades of Major’s failings in mid-90s.
If the true story ever gets out, Corbyn’s in No. 10. (Or he’ll be assassinated).
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April 15, 2018” rel=”nofollow” style=”color:#3478e3;text-decoration-line:none;”>
A wider context Syria a guide for the perplexed.
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April 15, 2018
Roger Lewis
6:57 AM (2 hours ago)
to MTF
I think that this will be memory holed when Parliament meets will be interesting how much may gets questioned Trump obviously is compromised Is Jeremy Corbyn? if Corbyn is not compromised then I think we need to be looking out for another Olof Palme incident.


The clamour to get rid of Corbyn before the Chilcott Report was huge, that was the Owen Smith leadership challenge, now there’s this new centre party idea as Corbyn can not be removed they have been bangin on about Anti Semitism but that is I think mainly for electoral local elections and a general election. I do think Corbyn is in Great Danger.
A wider context Syria a guide for the perplexed.

metoday4Global battle lines are being drawn, and ranks are closing. May and Macron have thrown in their lot with Alt State perjury. The Slog lays out a dozen solid reasons for the depiction of Great Britain’s emerging position as an illiberal, sham democracy.

Over the last few days, it has become clearer than ever that the world is on course to become The New Bilateral. That is to say – as I have long predicted – an axis of nations on the one hand tied to the United States of America – and on the other, loosely confederated to the People’s Republic of China.
The Western action against Assad in Syria will only serve (quite rightly in my view) to drive Russia further still into the Chinese camp. South America – long distrustful of the US – will do the same. Much of sub-Saharan Africa is already beholden to…
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