Syria Illegal Strikes. Aftermath Mission Accomplished or Sighting Shot? Gate Keepers, Controlled Oposition and False Flags.

What is the wider Geo Political context of the False Flag Douma Trilateral Flounce?
Ryan Dawsons Analysis at the end of the Discussion on Corbyns Marr show appearance deserves some serious consideration.

I think Meysanns analysis is very strong, his work is heavily shadowbanned and there is a good reason for that

Trump is Clearly fully on Board with Netanyahu and the Greater Israel Plan and Ryan Dawsons video is very insightful as to the strategic purpose of a sighting shot.

This is only just getting going, The Neo-Cons want to get at Iran and so do Israel. There is a Challenge to Petro Dollar hegemony, the Petro Yaun, The New Silk Road and an Unsustainable bubble in all of the Wests Rigged Markets.

Expect some assassinations both Character and Physical further false Flags and further intrigues when the Us Carrier Group continues to the Gulf.

Cast your minds back to the Parliament Vote against action in Syria, the media was stymied as all the pre-prepared narratives had to go on hold.

As Mac Millan said Events Dear Boy Events.

More on the Skripal/Douma false flag connection


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In regard to our suggestion the latest move against Damascus was predominantly a UK project, a link was sent to us today to an article by Thierry Meyssan on Voltairenet that’s certainly interesting.

Corbyn isn’t controlled opposition in the usual sense in that he’s not an intelligence plant or the like. The guy is a longterm grass roots old fashioned Brit Lefty who stumbled into leadership almost by chance.
What makes him effectively “controlled opposition” is the fact he is a) naive on foreign policy b) harassed by the baying Blairites and clearly intmidated by them c) in thrall to an old-fashioned view of politics centred on the mainstream media which he also feels the need to appease.
What’s needed is a person with Corbyn’s instincts of social fairness and decency but with a lot more savvy and an understanding of how ripe the situation is for a party leader to bypass the state/corporate media enclave and go straight to the people via social and alt media. He needs better advisors and a willingness to call things like he sees them.
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  • Thomas Peterson
    Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters got red pilled on Syria and the White Helmets:




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  • Corbyn isn’t controlled opposition in the usual sense
    I think that’s absolutely spot on.
    Looking for a saviour in the person of some heroic leader is not the way out of this
    Organising at a local level and engagement with each other at that level reverse the flow of Subsidiarity.


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    • Corbyn, the man, is genuine and authentic. But he is no match for the machine. He has become controlled by his very decency. Further than the Blairites, he has fallen foul of appeasing the overtly racist anti-racists of the BOD/JLM. He is at the mercy of faulty intelligence fed through to the Cabinet Office and JIC. And he has taken on the Browder/Navalny Magnitsky sanctions regime – instigated by MI6, as I have tried to show. It is the “rigged system” that has shaped him. It is difficult for me to see how the system can be unrigged when it has been inculcated that Parliament is a universal symbol for democracy. We have had an elected dictatorship for the entirety of this century. Any mass movement will have to be Chartist or constitutional in nature; and take back democracy for the people (the Demos). Not for the Few, but the Many?


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      • SuperCompetent Democracies, Dissolving Neoliberalism, Elitism and Managerialism.
        The New Book By Roy Madron
        Video series trailer.
        Without an ensemble of those very different Super-Competencies, the re-invention of democracy will fail because, “A revolution that is not more technically proficient and more effective than the regime it supplants is lost.”2 If however, democracy can be successfully re-invented, in a few decades we will see the emergence of a global network of complex, adaptive socio-technical-ecological systems that are,
        Enduring in purposes and principles
        Powered from the periphery, unified from the core
        Equitable in the distribution of power, rights, responsibilities, and rewards
        Linked by fluid webs of cooperation and competition
        Compatible with the human spirit and the biosphere
        The book will propose how Super-competent Democracies could be achieved. It comprises:
        Introduction: MEET THE COMBATANTS
        We need a de-centralised and distributed network of local stakeholder groups Subsidiarity is the key to democracy ironically it is a mainstay of the EU constitutional make up, one that of course is honoured much more in the breach than the observance.


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