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The Skripal Deception. Mrs Mays BlairCon NEO CON CON 

 In short, official propaganda is not designed to deceive the public (no more than the speeches in an actor’s script are intended to deceive the actor who speaks them). It is designed to be absorbed and repeated, no matter how implausible or preposterous it might be. Actually, it is often most effective when those who are forced to robotically repeat it know that it is utter nonsense, as the humiliation of having to do so cements their allegiance to the ruling classes (this phenomenon being a standard feature of the classic Stockholm Syndrome model, and authoritarian conditioning generally). The current “Russian hacking” hysteria is a perfect example of how this works. No one aside from total morons actually believes this official narrative (the substance of which is beyond ridiculous), not even the stooges selling it to us. This, however, is not a problem, because it isn’t intended to be believed … it is intended to be accepted and repeated, more or less like religious dogma. (It doesn’t matter what actually happened, i.e., whether the “hack” was a hack or a leak, or who the hackers or leakers were, or who they may have been working for, or what whoever’s motives may have been. What matters is that the ruling classes have issued a new official narrative and are demanding that every “normal” American stand up and swear allegiance to it.)


Malaysia Airlines Flight 17
Boeing 777-2H6ER 9M-MRD Malaysian (6658105143).jpg

9M-MRD, the aircraft that was shot down, photographed on 21 October 2011
Date 17 July 2014
Summary Airliner shootdown, under criminal investigation
Site Near Hrabove, Donetsk OblastUkraine
48°8′17″N 38°3
Aircraft type Boeing 777-200ER
Operator Malaysia Airlines
Registration 9M-MRD
Flight origin Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
Destination Kuala Lumpur International Airport
Passengers 283
Crew 15
Fatalities 298
Survivors 0
Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 (MH17/MAS17)[a] was a scheduled passenger flight from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur that was shot down on 17 July 2014 while flying over eastern Ukraine, killing all 283 passengers and 15 crew on board.[2] Contact with the aircraft, a Boeing 777-200ER, was lost about 50 km (31 mi) from the Ukraine–Russia border and wreckage of the aircraft fell near Hrabove in Donetsk Oblast, Ukraine, 40 km (25 mi) from the border.[3] The shoot-down occurred in the midst of War in Donbass, during the Battle of Shakhtarsk, in an area controlled by the Donetsk People’s Republic.[4] The crash is the deadliest airliner shootdownseventh-deadliest aviation disaster, and was Malaysia Airlines‘ second aircraft loss during 2014 after the disappearance of Flight 370 on 8 March.[5]

Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko

Dramaticus Personae.  Litvinenko  

Boris Berezovsky  Paul Klebnikov


Alexander Litvinenko
Александр Литвиненко

Litvinenko in 2002
Flag of the Soviet Union.svg Soviet Union,
Flag of Russia.svg Russia (defected)

Flag of the United Kingdom.svg United Kingdom

Service KGB/FSB (defected)

Birth name Aleksandr Valterovich Litvinenko
Born 4 December 1962
VoronezhRussian SFSR, Soviet Union
Died 23 November 2006 (aged 43)
BloomsburyLondon, England
Cause of
Radiation poisoning
Buried Highgate CemeteryHighgateLondon, England
Nationality Soviet Union (1962–1991)
Russian Federation
(1991– 2006)
United Kingdom (2006–his death)
Spouse Nataliya (m. 1981; div. 1994)
Marina (m. 1994)
  • Alexander
  • Sonia
  • Anatoly
Alexander Valterovich Litvinenko (RussianАлекса́ндр Ва́льтерович Литвине́нкоIPA: [ɐlʲɪˈksandr ˈvaltɨrəvʲɪtɕ lʲɪtvʲɪˈnʲɛnkə]; 30 August 1962[2][3] (Or 4 December 1962 by father’s account[4] – 23 November 2006) was a British naturalised Russian defector and former officer of the Russian FSB secret service who specialised in tackling organised crime.[1][5] According to US diplomats, Litvinenko coined the phrase Mafia state.[6] In November 1998, Litvinenko and several other FSB officers publicly accused their superiors of ordering the assassination of the Russian tycoon and oligarch Boris Berezovsky. Litvinenko was arrested the following March on charges of exceeding the authority of his position. He was acquitted in November 1999 but re-arrested before the charges were again dismissed in 2000. He fled with his family to London and was granted asylum in the United Kingdom, where he worked as a journalist, writer and consultant for the British intelligence services.
but there’s a Litvinenko affair which i
personally, don’t think the KGB had him
killed because the guy died of polonium
poison and it would be absolutely
ridiculous to go kill somebody with an
eleven million dollar radioactive
element in the UK when you could just
stab him in the head
it seems like he that was just a botch
smuggling operation and of course that
guy was working for Boris Berezovsky who

Boris Berezovsky (businessman)

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Boris Berezovsky
Boris Berezovsky (businessman).jpg

Historical photo of Boris Berezovsky
Born Boris Abramovich Berezovsky
23 January 1946
MoscowRussian SFSRSoviet Union
Died 23 March 2013 (aged 67)
SunninghillBerkshire, United Kingdom
Cause of death Open verdict
Resting place Brookwood CemeteryBrookwoodSurrey, United Kingdom[1]
51.299574°N 0.625846°W
Other names Platon Elenin[2]
Citizenship Russian / British[2]
Occupation Businessman, engineer, mathematician, government official
Spouse(s) Nina Korotkova (1970–1991; divorced)[3]
Galina Besharova (1991–2010; divorced)[4]
Partner(s) Yelena Gorbunova (1996–2012; separated)[5][6]
Boris Abramovich Berezovsky (Russian: Бори́с Абра́мович Березо́вский, 23 January 1946 – 23 March 2013)[7][8] was a Russian business oligarch, government official, engineer and mathematician. He was a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Berezovsky was politically opposed to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin since Putin’s election in 2000 and remained a vocal critic of Putin for the rest of his life.[9] In late 2000, after the Russian Deputy Prosecutor General demanded that Berezovsky appear for questioning, he did not return from abroad and moved to the UK, which granted him political asylum in 2003.[10] In Russia, he was later convicted in absentia of fraud and embezzlement. The first charges were brought during Primakov‘s government in 1999.[11] Despite an Interpol Red Notice for Berezovsky’s arrest, Russia repeatedly failed to obtain the extradition of Berezovsky from Britain, which became a major point of diplomatic tension between the two countries.[12][13][14]

was Putin’s main enemy and so that you

had a trumped-up story so it gets dirty
because of a lot of the things they say
he’s guilty of he wasn’t but then like
what you’re talking about when they
killed Anna that is a famous story in
the apartment bombings or the theatre
gasps scenes of things but it’s just one
among many and it happened to get
attention but you’d have to really dig
into this is a good book called The
Godfather the Kremlin I recommend people
read it was the Russian editor for
Forbes magazine and he was actually
killed after the book was published he
was shot and then he was in an elevator
in a hospital which got stuck
conveniently and unfortunately he passed
away but I mean that really goes over a
lot of the Russian politics and it’s
just nasty

Paul Klebnikov

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Paul Klebnikov
Born June 3, 1963
New York, USA
Died July 9, 2004 (aged 41)
Moscow, Russia
Alma mater St. Bernard’s SchoolPhillips Exeter Academy (1978),
University of California, Berkeley, (BA)
London School of Economics(PhD)
Occupation Journalist
Organization Forbes
Known for 2004 murder
Spouse(s) Helen “Musa” Train
Children Alexander, Gregory, and Sophia
Paul Klebnikov (RussianПавел Юрьевич Хлебников; June 3, 1963 – July 9, 2004) was an American journalist and historian of Russian history. He worked for Forbes magazine for more than 10 years and at the time of his death was chief editor of the Russian edition of Forbes. His murder in Moscow in 2004 was seen as a blow against investigative journalism in Russia. Three Chechens accused of taking part in the murder were acquitted. Though the murder appeared to be the work of assassins for hire, as of 2014, the organizers of the murder had yet to be identified.[1]

 I mean there’s not a quick

way to sum it up but Putin is not a
clean-cut guy by any means in here he
really I compare him to Bush his father
was also a director of the CIA and
involved in a lot of killings himself
more than just when he was president or
24:32      president exactly right yeah
that brings up a lot of different points
and yeah you know who else was killed
with polonium well Arafat probably
exactly well that’s that’s where they
got it from because if you look at the
planes that Litvinenko we’re riding
back and forth to was to Israel and they
had traces of polonium all over as well
as Berezovsky’s residence so it’s
pretty clear to me they were smuggling
that stuff in from Israel and but what
were they gonna do with it they couldn’t
carry it out afterward when he botched
it and died of an overdose but what were
they gonna use that for dirty bomb Oh
what was the point that’s that was the
question mark that I had there but
there’s a huge story there and if you
don’t value your life very much I
suppose you really dig into it that’s
why I dropped it actually yeah well yeah
it’s I mean yeah that’s the type of
story that general genuinely is the kind
of story that can get you killed.


The Daily Telegraph said the handler listed himself on LinkedIn as a consultant for Orbis Business Intelligence, run by ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steele, sparking claims Skripal may have played a part in the dossier.
But yesterday sources close to Orbis denied any links to Skripal whatsoever.
The MI6 handler’s LinkedIn profile was deleted on Wednesday.
Staff at Cote in Salisbury, Wilts, have told The Sun how Skripal and the mystery man switched seamlessly between Russian and English and talked of regular trips to Poland for “business”.

 The Brit handler is said to have worked by ex-MI6 agent Christopher Steele, sparking fears Skripal could have played a part in last year's dirty dossier on Russia


He was connected to Christopher Steele (ex-MI6 Russian Desk); his MI6 ‘handler‘ Pablo Miller; Steele and Christopher Burrows Orbis


  1. 12 January 2017 at 9:33am

Ex-spy’s partner refuses to confirm link to Trump dossier

The business partner of the former MI6 officer linked to the alleged Donald Trump dossierhas refused to confirm to ITV News whether their intelligence company compiled the controversial file.
Christopher Steele, who was posted to Moscow in 1990 and now runs London-based Orbis Business Intelligence, was named in reports as the dossier’s author.
His business partner, Christopher Parker Burrows, spoke to ITV News Correspondent Dan Rivers:

UKRAINE, Syria , Spooks and Trumps Russian Dossier.

Vladimir Putin was responsible for plane crash that killed Polish President Lech Kaczynski, says Polish defence minister

Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski, the First Lady and 94 others died in a plane crash in 2010

Poland’s defence minister has accused Vladimir Putin of involvement in the 2010 plane crash which killed the Polish president as he urged him to “take responsibility”. 
Antoni Macierewicz claims the fatal crash which killed Poland’s President Lech Kaczynski, the First Lady and 94 others in 2010 in Russia was preceded by two explosions on board.

2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash
Katastrofa w Smoleńsku.jpg

Wreckage from the Tu-154 at the crash site
Date 10 April 2010
Summary Controlled flight into terraindue to pilot error
Site near Smolensk, Russia
54°49′26.02″N 32°3′4.54″ECoordinates54°49′26.02″N 32°3′4.54″E
Aircraft type Tupolev Tu-154M
Operator 36 SPLTPolish Air Force
Registration 101[1]
Flight origin Frédéric Chopin Airport
Destination Smolensk North Airport
Smolensk, Russia
Passengers 89
Crew 7
Fatalities 96 (all)
Survivors 0
On 10 April 2010, a Tupolev Tu-154 aircraft of the Polish Air Force crashed near the city of Smolensk, Russia, killing all 96 people on board. Among the victims were the President of Poland Lech Kaczyński and his wife Maria, the former President of Poland in exile Ryszard Kaczorowski, the chief of the Polish General Staff and other senior Polish military officers, the president of the National Bank of PolandPolish Government officials, 18 members of the Polish Parliament, senior members of the Polish clergy and relatives of victims of the Katyn massacre. The group was arriving from Warsaw to attend an event commemorating the 70th anniversary of the massacre, which took place not far from Smolensk.
The pilots were attempting to land at Smolensk North Airport – a former military airbase – in thick fog, with visibility reduced to about 500 metres (1,600 ft). The aircraft descended far below the normal approach path until it struck trees, rolled inverted and crashed into the ground, coming to rest in a wooded area a short distance from the runway.[2]
Both the Russian and Polish official investigations found no technical faults with the aircraft, and concluded that the crew failed to conduct the approach in a safe manner in the given weather conditions. The Polish authorities found serious deficiencies in the organization and training of the Air Force unit involved, which was subsequently disbanded. Several high-ranking members of the Polish military resigned, under pressure from politicians and the media.
Various conspiracy theories about the crash have since been in circulation, and are promoted by Law and Justice‘s leader Jaroslaw Kaczyński and his deputy, Antoni Macierewicz, who claim the crash was a political assassination. Polish and international investigations did not find any evidence supporting this version.[2]


These market developments have had a negative impact on the results of Gazprom, which has seen its exports to Europe decrease and prices go down. According to current Russian estimates, in 2016 the average price of Russian gas for European consumers will be some $200 per thousand cubic metres, the lowest in 11 years. Last year, Gazprom’s sales on the EU’s gas market dropped by 10%.
agata map

Note that Russia has announced it will stop transiting gas through Ukraine at the end of 2019, not 2018, as this map states.
Although Gazprom has responded to these challenges in part by trying to diversify its customer base, particularly by pursuing megadeals with China, the company seems to recognize that Europe will remain its most important export market for a long time to come. In consequence it seems it has decided to adapt its strategy in the EU, and currently it looks like it might be trying switching from a defence of its prices to defence of its market share in the EU. This adaptation includes an increased openness towards changing market and regulatory conditions in Europe and a willingness to exploiting the possibilities created by the liberalised European gas market. Amongst other actions, the Russian company currently:



“Lebanon will not hesitate to avail itself of its inherent right to self-defence if an armed attack occurs against the economic activities carried out in its maritime areas.”

Speaking about border issues between Israel and Lebanon at the Institute for National Security Studies (INSS) annual conference (January 31, 2018), Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman said that the Lebanese government had issued a tender for natural gas exploration in the Mediterranean, and that by all criteria Block 9, which was awarded to a number of well-known international companies, belonged to Israel.
Liberman called Lebanon’s move a provocation and a serious mistake. His words sparked a fiery response from Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, and the media in both Israel and Lebanon reported that the organization was threatening to attack Israel’s drilling rigs in the Mediterranean.
Syria Pipe Lines and East Mediterranean Gas Fields

Comey: I Think Russia Has Something on Trump – Full Transcript of the Bombshell Interview

Comey’s comments in an ABC News interview broadcast Sunday were almost certain to escalate his war of words with the president

FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Donald Trump in Washington, DC, on June 6, 2017; and then FBI Director James Comey in Washington, DC, on March 20, 2017.
FILE PHOTO: U.S. President Donald Trump in Washington, DC, on June 6, 2017; and then FBI Director James Comey in Washington, DC, on March 20, 2017. /AP
James Comeym the former FBI Director, says he thinks it’s possible the Russians have compromising information on President Donald Trump, that there is “some evidence of obstruction of justice” in the president’s actions and that Trump is “morally unfit” for office.
Comey’s comments in an ABC News interview broadcast Sunday were almost certain to escalate his war of words with the president and further erode a relationship marked by open hostility and name-calling.




Scooter Libby

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Lewis Libby
Scooter Libby.jpg
Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States
In office
January 20, 2001 – November 1, 2005
Vice President Dick Cheney
Preceded by Charles Burson
Succeeded by David Addington
Personal details
Born August 22, 1950 (age 67)
New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.
Political party Republican
Spouse(s) Harriet Grant
Children 2
Education Yale University (BA)
Columbia University (JD)
I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby (first name generally given as IrvIrve or Irving;[1] born August 22, 1950) is an American lawyer[2][3] and former adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney.
In October 2005, Libby resigned from all three government positions after he was indicted on five counts by a federal grand jury concerning the investigation of the leak of the covert identity of Central Intelligence Agency officer Valerie Plame Wilson.[5] He was subsequently convicted of four counts (one count of obstruction of justice, two counts of perjury, and one count of making false statements),[6] making him the highest-ranking White House official convicted in a government scandal since John Poindexter, the national security adviser to President Ronald Reagan in the Iran–Contra affair.[7]
After a failed appeal, President Bush commuted Libby’s sentence of 30 months in federal prison, leaving the other parts of his sentence intact.[8] As a consequence of his conviction in United States v. Libby, Libby’s license to practice law was suspended until being reinstated in 2016.[3] President Donald Trump pardoned Libby on April 13, 2018.[9][10][11]


Valerie Plame

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Valerie Plame
Valerie plame wilson 2014.jpg

Plame at the 2014 Texas Book Festival
Born Valerie Elise Plame
August 13, 1963 (age 54)
Anchorage, Alaska, U.S.
Occupation Writer, Spy NovelistCIA officer (1985–2006)
Nationality United States
Alma mater Pennsylvania State University(B.A., Advertising, 1985)
College of Europe (M.A.)
London School of Economics(M.A.)
Genre Autobiographymemoirpolitical criticism
Notable works Fair Game: My Life as a Spy, My Betrayal by the White House
Spouse Todd Sesler (m. 1987; divorce 1989)
Joseph C. Wilson (m. 1998)
Children (with Wilson)
Valerie Elise Plame Wilson (née Plame; born August 13, 1963), known as Valerie PlameValerie E. Wilson, and Valerie Plame Wilson, is a former operations officer who worked at the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), a writer, and a spy novelist. As the subject of the 2003 Plame affair, also known as the CIA leak scandal, Plame had her identity as covert officer of the CIA leaked to the press by members of the George W. Bush administration and subsequently made public. In the aftermath of the scandal, Richard Armitage in the State Department was identified as one source of the information, and I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby, Chief of Staff to Vice President Dick Cheney, was convicted of lying to investigators. After a failed appeal, President George W. Bush commuted Libby’s sentence, and in 2018 President Donald Trump pardoned him. No one was formally charged with leaking the information.
In collaboration with a ghostwriter, Plame wrote a memoir detailing her career and the events leading up to her resignation from the CIA and she has subsequently written and published at least two spy novels. A biographical feature film, Fair Game, was produced based on memoirs by her and her husband.

Karen Kwiatkowski

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Karen Kwiatkowski
Karen Kwiatkowski on the farm.jpg

Kwiatkowski on her family’s Shenandoah County farm
Birth name Karen Unger
Born September 24, 1960 (age 57)
Allegiance  United States of America
Service/branch  United States Air Force
Years of service 1982–2003
Rank Lieutenant Colonel
Unit Near East/South Asia and Special Plans
Other work A Case Study of the Implementation of the Reagan Doctrine.
Karen U. Kwiatkowski, née Unger,[1] (born September 24, 1960) is an American activist and commentator. She is a retired U.S. Air Force Lieutenant Colonel whose assignments included duties as a Pentagon desk officer and a variety of roles for the National Security Agency. Since retiring, she has become a noted critic of the U.S. government’s involvement in Iraq. Kwiatkowski is primarily known for her insider essays which denounce a corrupting political influence on the course of military intelligence leading up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. In 2012, she challenged incumbent Bob Goodlatte, in the Republican primary for Virginia’s 6th congressional district seat in the United States House of Representatives and garnered 34% of the Republican vote on a constitutional and limited government platform.
While in the Air Force, she wrote two books about U.S. policy towards Africa: African Crisis Response Initiative: Past Present and Future (US Army Peacekeeping Institute, 2000) and Expeditionary Air Operations in Africa: Challenges and Solutions (Air University Press, 2001). She contributed to Ron Paul: A Life of Ideas, (Variant Press, 2008) and Why Liberty: Personal Journeys Toward Peace and Freedom, (Cobden Press, 2010). She has been featured in a number of documentaries, including “Why We Fight”,[2] in 2005. She has written for LewRockwell.com since 2003.[3]




Bomb type and tactics point to al-Qaida

As FBI agents launched an investigation into the bombing of the UN headquarters in Iraq, Paul Bremer, the country’s top civilian administrator, yesterday highlighted three groups of suspects – Baathist supporters of Saddam Hussein, members of the Iraqi Ansar al-Islam organisation, and foreign Islamist militants.

Interviewed on US television, Mr Bremer said the blast that killed at least 20 people was “of a size not seen before”.
The bomb is believed to have used more than 1,000lb of explosive – four times as much as in the attack on the Jordanian embassy two weeks ago.
The two bombings are “not yet connected”, but both were “acts of disciplined people”, Mr Bremer told the ABC channel.
Truck bombs have been used by militant groups, including Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaida network, though Saddam’s secret service is said to have trained in the tactic too.
According to reports by Associated Press, the explosive used against the UN building was C4, which has no non-military uses. C4 was used in al-Qaida’s attack on the USS Cole in Aden harbour, Yemen, three years ago.

Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri

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Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri
عبد الرحيم النشيري
Born January 5, 1965 (age 53)
Saudi Arabia
Citizenship Saudi Arabian
Detained at CIA black sites
Stare Kiejkuty
Guantanamo Bay
Alternate name Mullah Bilal[1][2]
ISN 10015
Charge(s) Charges dropped in February 2009, reinstated in 2011
Status Still held in Guantanamo Bay pending trial
Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri (Arabicعبد الرحيم النشيري‎; About this sound pronunciation  /ɑːbɪd/ /ælrɑːˈhm/ /ælnɑːˈʃr/; born January 5, 1965) is a Saudi Arabian citizen alleged to be the mastermind of the bombing of the USS Cole and other maritime terrorist attacks.[3] He is alleged to have headed al-Qaeda operations in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf states prior to his capture in November 2002 by the CIA‘s Special Activities Division.[4][5]
Al-Nashiri was captured in Dubai in 2002 and held for four years in secret CIA prisons known as “black sites” in Afghanistan, Thailand, Poland, Morocco, and Romania, before being transferred to the Guantanamo Bay detention camp. While being interrogated, al-Nashiri was waterboarded, a technique since classified as torture. In 2005 the CIA destroyed the tapes of Nashiri’s waterboarding. In another incident he was naked and hooded and threatened with a gun and a power drill to scare him into talking.[6][7][8][9] Al-Nashiri was granted victim status in 2010 by the Polish government and a Polish prosecutor began “investigating the possible abuse of power by Polish public officials with regard to a CIA black site” in 2008.[10][11][12]
In December 2008, al-Nashiri was charged by the United States before a Guantanamo Military Commission.[13] The charges were dropped in February 2009 and reinstated in 2011.[14][15] As of 2011, al-Nashiri is on trial before a military tribunal in Guantanamo on charges of war crimes that carry the death penalty. As it is extremely unlikely he would be freed if found not guilty, his lawyers have called the proceeding a show trial.[16]

Maritime Jewel

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Name: Limburg
Builder: Daewoo Shipbuilding
Completed: 1999
In service: 2000
Out of service: 2002
Fate: Attacked October 6, 2002, Sold to Tanker Pacific Management, 2003
Flag of Liberia.svgLiberia
Name: Maritime Jewel
Owner: Tanker Pacific Management
Acquired: 2003
Fate: In service
Notes: IMO number9184392
General characteristics
Class and type: Crude Oil Tank Ship
Length: 1,089.0 ft (331.9 m)
Beam: 58 m (190 ft)
Installed power: Burmeister & Wain, 2 S.A. 7-cyl., 7S80MC, 34650 BHP / 29420 kW at 79 RPM
Notes: [1][2]
Maritime Jewel is a double hull oil tanker built in 2000; her length is 332 metres (1,089 ft) and her width is 58 metres (190 ft). She was known as MV Limburg until 2003.



On 6 October 2002, Limburg was carrying 397,000 barrels (63,100 m3) of crude oil from Iran to Malaysia, and was in the Gulf of Aden off Yemen to pick up another load of oil. She was registered under a French flag and had been chartered by the Malaysian petrol firm Petronas.
While she was some distance offshore, suicide bombers rammed an explosives-laden dinghy into the starboard side of the tanker.[3] Upon detonation the vessel caught fire and approximately 90,000 barrels (14,000 m3) of oil leaked into the Gulf of Aden.[4][5] Although Yemeni officials initially claimed that the explosion was caused by an accident, later investigations found traces of TNT on the damaged ship.
One crew member, a 38-year-old Bulgarian named Atanas Atanasov, was killed, and 12 other crew members were injured.[6] The fire was extinguished, and four days later Limburg was towed to DubaiUnited Arab Emirates. The ship was renamed Maritime Jewel, bought by Tanker Pacific, and repaired at Dubai Drydocks from March to August 2003.[7][8]

Economic impact[edit]

The attack caused the short-term collapse of international shipping in the Gulf of Aden and as a result, cost Yemen $3.8 million a month in port revenues.[9]


Al Qaeda claimed responsibility for the attack on the Jehad.net website, which has since been shut down. Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, who allegedly also planned the USS Cole bombing, is thought[by whom?]to have been the mastermind of the attack. Osama bin Laden issued a statement, which read:
By exploding the oil tanker in Yemen, the holy warriors hit the umbilical cord and lifeline of the crusader community, reminding the enemy of the heavy cost of blood and the gravity of losses they will pay as a price for their continued aggression on our community and looting of our wealth.[9]

Jamal Ahmad Mohammad Al Badawi

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Jamal Ahmad Mohammad Ali Al Badawi
Jamal al-Badawi.jpg

Jamal al-Bedawi
Born Jamal Ahmad Mohammad Ali Al Badawi
July 22, 1960; or October 23, 1960; or 1963; or 1969
Al-Shargian, Mukayras DistrictAl Bayda GovernorateYemen
Nationality Yemeni
Other names Jamal Muhsin al-Tali, Abu Abdul Rahman al-Badawi, Abu Abdul Rahman al-Adani, Jamal Mohammad Ahmad Ali al-Badawi, Jamal Mohammad Ahmad
Military career
Years of service 2000–present
Rank Officer and plotter of Al-Qaeda in Yemen

Yemeni Civil War ?

Jamal Ahmad Mohammad Ali Al Badawi aka Jamal Abu Abed Al Rahman Al Badawi (Arabicجمال محمد البدوي‎) (born: July 22, 1960; or October 23, 1960; or 1963; or 1969) is a Yemeni who was convicted of helping plan the 2000 USS Cole bombing, which killed 17 American sailors on October 12, 2000 off the port coast of Aden, Yemen.[1] He was captured in Yemen and sentenced to death on September 29, 2004. Al-Bedawi was also indicted on May 15, 2003 by the United States for the USS Cole bombing and the attempted attack on the USS The Sullivans. He is thought to have travelled to Saudi Arabia and purchased a small boat and then a truck and trailer to transport it. This boat sank from the weight of the explosives while preparing the USS The Sullivans plot. He is also thought to have leased the safehouses used in these endeavors. Fox News called Al-Badawi a “mastermind” of the Cole bombing.[2]
Only two of the six charged by Yemen in the attack were sentenced to death; the other four were sentenced to 5–10 years imprisonment. After hearing his sentence, Al-Bedawi declared “This is an unjust verdict, this is an American verdict. There are no human rights in the world, except for the Americans. All the Muslims in the world are being used to serve American interests.” His family announced they would appeal. Because he was being held by U.S. forces, the other defendant sentenced to death, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, was tried and sentenced in absentia.
Having twice escaped from Yemen prison, once since his death sentence was issued, al-Bedawi is currently at large, and is now being sought as an FBI Most Wanted Terrorist fugitive.


USS Cole (DDG-67)

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USS Cole (DDG-67)
A grey ship on the ocean

USS Cole underway in August 2002
United States
Name: USS Cole
Namesake: Darrell S. Cole
Ordered: 16 January 1991
Builder: Ingalls Shipbuilding
Laid down: 28 February 1994
Launched: 10 February 1995
Commissioned: 8 June 1996
Identification: DDG-67
  • Gloria Merces Virtutis
  • “Glory is the Reward
  • of Valor”
Status: in active service
Badge: USS Cole DDG-67 Crest.png
General characteristics
Class and type: Arleigh Burke-class destroyer
  • Light: approx. 6,800 long tons (6,900 t)
  • Full: approx. 8,900 long tons (9,000 t)
Length: 505 ft (154 m)
Beam: 66 ft (20 m)
Draft: 31 ft (9.4 m)
Propulsion: General Electric LM2500-30 gas turbines, two shafts, 100,000 total shaft horsepower (75 MW)
Speed: >30 knots (56 km/h)
Sensors and
processing systems:
Electronic warfare
& decoys:
Aircraft carried: Sikorsky MH-60R helicopters can be embarked
USS Cole (DDG-67) is an Arleigh Burke-class Aegis-equipped guided missile destroyer homeported in Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. Cole is named in honor of Marine Sergeant Darrell S. Cole, a machine-gunner killed in action on Iwo Jima on 19 February 1945, during World War IICole is one of 62 authorized Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyers, and one of 21 members of the Flight I-class that utilized the 5 in (130 mm)/54 caliber gun mounts found on the earliest of the Arleigh Burke-class destroyers. The ship was built by Ingalls Shipbuilding and was delivered to the Navy on 11 March 1996.
On 12 October 2000, Cole was the target of an attack carried out by al-Qaeda in the Yemeni port of Aden, when two suicide bombers detonated explosives carried in a small boat near the warship, killing 17 sailors, injuring 39 others, and damaging the ship.[1] On 29 November 2003, Cole engaged in her first overseas deployment after the bombing and subsequently returned to her homeport of Norfolk, Virginia, on 27 May 2004 without incident.


USS Cole attack

Event.png USS Cole attack   History CommonsRdf-icon.png
U.S.S. Cole attack.jpg
Date 11:18 12 October 2000

Official narrative

A small fiberglass boat carrying explosives and two suicide bombers approached the port side of the destroyer and detonated a bomb. Al Qaeda claimed responsibility.

Follow up

United States Ambassador to Yemen Barbara Bodine obstructed the investigation by senior FBI counter-terrorist, John O’Neill, by denying him a visa to reenter the counry.[1][2]O’Neill was later murdered on September 11, 2001.

Alternative theories

Joe Vialls and several other commentators have suggested that attack was a false flag. Several writers have blamed Israel for the attack,[3] some suggesting that the ship was hit by a missile from a submarine.[4][5][6][7]




Former Harvard professorWilliam Kristol, the son of Irving Kristol, was Chief of Staff to Vice President Dan Quayle, under the first Bush regime. Bill Kristol founded the Project for a New American Century (PNAC), a tax-exempt foundation, in the spring of 1997, coincidentally the same year that Rauf founded the ASMS and 100 years after the First Zionist Conference. Sarah Scaife Foundation, the John M. Olin Foundation and the Bradley Foundation financed PNAC, with close ties to the [[American Enterprise Institute]. Its objectives are U.S. Global supremacy and a “Greater Israel.” Twenty-five people signed their mission statement, seventeen of whom belong to the CFR, whose objective is a one-world government. Founding members include Elliott Abrams (CFR), Gary BauerWilliam J. Bennett (Irving Kristol’s protégé), Jeb BushRichard B. Cheney (CFR), Eliot A. Cohen (CFR), Midge Decter(CFR), Paula Dobriansky (CFR), Steve ForbesAaron Friedberg (CFR), Francis Fukuyama (CFR), Frank GaffneyFred C. Ikle (CFR), Donald Kagan (CFR), Zalmay Khalilzad (CFR), I. Lewis Libby (CFR), Norman B. Podhoretz(CFR), Dan QuaylePeter W. Rodman (CFR), Stephen P. Rosen (CFR), Henry S. Rowen (CFR), Donald RumsfeldVin Weber (CFR), George Weigel (CFR), and Paul Wolfowitz (CFR). In 1992, Libby and Wolfowitz wrote Defense Planning Guidance for Defense Secretary Dick Cheney.
Bill Kristol, advocates neo-conservatism, the American version of Trotsky’s Bolshevism. Kristol, a Bilderberger, a Manhattan Institute trustee, is also the editor and co-founder, along with John Podhoretz, of the Weekly Standard Magazine, established September 17, 1995 and funded, at a loss, by Rupert Murdoch (CFR), a Zionist. This so-called conservative magazine, co-edited by Fred Barnes, promotes the war hawk mentality, the same message heard on numerous “conservative” talk shows and on Murdoch’s Fox NetworkWeekly Standard contributors include Joseph EpsteinCharles Krauthammer (CFR), Brit Hume, a Fulbright scholar,[74] Tucker CarlsonRobert W. Kagan(CFR) foreign policy analyst and son of Donald Kagan (CFR), Yale Professor John Podhoretz (son of Norman Podhoretz) and others. In 1995, Kristol confessed to the New Yorker: “The liberal media were never that powerful, and the whole thing was often used as an excuse by conservatives for conservative failures.”[75]
Norman B. Podhoretz (CFR), a Trotskyite, in his books has admitted that the reason for the Cold War was to weaponize Israel to fight the Arab nations. He belongs to the influential New York chapter of the American Jewish Committee, one of the leading Zionist organizations operating within America. It publishes the “liberal-turned-conservative” Commentary magazine.[76] Kagan is a columnist for the Washington Post which was associated with the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird. He is a senior associate of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and wrote Of Paradise and Power: America and Europe in the New World Order.
Now, remembering that the CIA probably controls much of what we hear from the elite-owned media, according to Pew, thirty percent of all Americans obtain their news from talk radio and cable television – many never, ever read a book. A large percentage get their “news” from the Fox Network whose employees receive the morning memo, a directive on how to spin the “news” of the day. Roger Ailes, former Republican campaign wizard, is president of Fox News Channel and chairman of the Fox Television Stations Group which has a stable of “journalists” and guests who push right-wing propaganda disguised as news.[77] According to a decision by the Florida Appeals Court on February 14, 2003, in the Jane Akre whistleblower lawsuit, the court agreed with Fox News that it is not against the law to distort or falsify the news in America.[78]
In 1997, Israël Shahak wrote, “Since the spring of 1992, public opinion in Israel is being prepared for the prospect of a war with Iran, to be fought to bring about Iran’s total military and political defeat. In one version, Israel would attack Iran alone; in another it would ‘persuade’ the West to do the job.”[79] On January 26, 1998, the PNAC war hawks, in a letter to President Clinton, urged him to invade Iraq to depose Saddam Hussein.
In October 1998, the Catastrophic Terrorism Study Group, led by Philip D. Zelikow, completed a nine-month long study of the “technologies and defenses” against terrorists. The study group was a collaboration of the faculty of HarvardMITStanford and the University of Virginia. The Carnegie Corporation of New York, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, and the Herbert S. Winokur Public Policy Fund at Harvard University funded the study. The group produced a report entitled: Catastrophic Terrorism: Elements of a National Policy[80] An article based on the academic Study Group report appeared in the CFR journal Foreign Affairs in the November-December 1998 issue, the same year that PNAC wrote to President Clinton suggesting the removal of Hussein.
Philip D. Zelikow later became the gatekeeper executive director of the 9/11 Commission. He earlier co-authored a book with Condoleezza Rice (both members of Bush 41’s National Security Council) entitled Germany Unified and Europe Transformed: A Study in Statecraft. Zelikow also authored The National Security Strategy of the United States which became the new preemptive war doctrine of the Bush administration written for then National Security Council Director, Condoleezza Rice who had worked on the Bush transition team. He had a hidden agenda – connect al Qaeda and Iraq.[81]
PNAC compiled its policy statements in Rebuilding America’s Defenses, Strategy, Forces and Resources for a New Century, published in September 2000. We read, “Further, the process of transformation, even if it brings revolutionary change, is likely to be a long one, absent some catastrophic and catalyzing event – like a new Pearl Harbor.”[82] It appears that 9/11 was that new Pearl Harbor. As Shahak indicated, Israel was going to persuade the West to wage war. Just how would Israeli political leaders “persuade” the U.S. Government to invade their enemy, a country that has not militarily assaulted America? The elite, for well over 100 years, has used false flag assaultsand very pervasive media propaganda to win public support for their warfare. The CIA and their foreign intelligence counterpart, the Mossad, have lengthy experience in false flag tactics, one of the main reasons for their existence.
On October 12, 2000, they used the “live bait” tactic in the USS Cole where they killed seventeen U.S. sailors and injured thirty-nine. A small boat moved to the port side of the destroyer when all the sailors were gathering in the galley for lunch. An explosion occurred which created a 40-by-40-foot hole in the ship. Al Qaeda, led by Osama bin Laden, a CIA asset, took credit for the attack. Yet, samples of the explosives retrieved from the ship’s hull showed that materials used were only available in America and Israel. Then they used the “live bait” tactic on 9/11 to get America to remove Hussein and bomb Iraq back to the Stone Age.


WW111 another Colonial Resource War. Culling The Plebs Malthusian Psychopathy Misanthropic Catastrophists 

Authentic Discourses on Decisions to Act.
A golden Rule in folklores Canon
holds what’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the Gander
do unto others that which to you would be done
thus applied in discussion, we should always avoid slander.
Leave at the first introduction
the habits of Authority and induction
When those listening seem deaf to what you tell
refrain if you please from poisoning the well
if your working hypothesis requires certitude
refrain from tailoring cloth that renders the emperor nude
If to your point, you wish others to allude
refrain from a hypocritical sneering attitude.
When your correspondent appeals to evidence
consider their sources, were they well meant?
In all matters, skepticism will serve you with equivalence
and always remember to mistrust the Government.

I noticed this exchange in the off guardian discussion about the #DumberandDouma false Flag attempted half baked Casus Belli.
What is the direction of travel and main narrative embedded in the Narrative of the past 40 years. The Rules Based International Order or ( New Workld Order ) Narratives.

1. Globalisation and Urbbanisation.
2.Petro Dollar Hegenomy . Addiction to Oil.

3. Man Made Global Warming
4. Overshoot Over population
5. Elitism, Starfucking worship of ”The Elites**


Syria, PetroDollar and Pipelines Reader. Greater Israel Or the Moslem Brotherhood? Lesser of two evils minus One Evil still Evil. 

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This is the real reason why western mainstream media vilified Assad and it isn’t about Syrian democracy 

Very good as far as it goes, Trumps being wedded to The Greater Israel Plan does pose some other angles on this as well. The Petro Dollar angle is, however, the one that gets overlooked most. http://letthemconfectsweeterlies.blogspot.se/2017/04/why-trump-bombed-syria-gas-pipelines.html
Atta Kenare/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images
“The people will believe what the media tells them they believe.”
George Orwell
The war in Syria started way back in 1971 when President Nixon decided to no longer back US$ with the federal gold reserves, circulating additional money that was required to support the Vietnam War.
During the Falklands War, Argentina adopted the same practice, turning its currency into a worthless piece of paper.
That did not happen to the American currency US$ because Kissinger successfully negotiated with leaders of major oil-producing countries to trade their liquid commodities solely in the US$.
For as long as there is a demand for oil, there is also a demand for US$, thus preserving the value of the American currency.
This strategy worked well for the USA and the rest of the world.
The stability of the US$ ensured a stability of oil prices and consequently…
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