The Black and The Green, Debt Oil and Arms, Zionist/Imperialism and International Banking.

OIL WARS: the thing with black gold is, it seeps into everything. 

April 20, 2018 at 12:37 pm
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On Oil. The black cannot be separated from the green particularly Petro Dollar Hegemony.
Further, The Black and the Green can only be considered in the context of the Zionist Imperialist/Colonial Project As Well. Debt and Oil are well explained in this little-known research report.
Robert Parker, CEO of Holborn Assets in Dubai
Why Trump Bombed Syria. Gas Pipelines, Zionism and the PetroDollar
methoughtful From Hungary via the EU migrant crisis to Syrian bombings, from tensions with Russia and a US President at war with his Alt State to Islamist rebels and German reticence, it’s all about oil in the end.

A good place to start today is with the George Soros Foundation’s Hungarian organisation, which is leaving the country “because the political environment is too negative” – CorrectSpeak for “because we’ve been found out, and Viktor Orban keeps on winning”.
Although I offer my congratulations to the Hungarian people and Fidezs, Soros will of course regroup, and come back in some other disguise. Plus of course he also has control of the Central European University, a body that has done much to spread the ridiculous idea that Orban is some kind of Nazi Communist.
Brussels and Washington continue to pour out bile against Orban, whose only sins in their eyes are first…
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