Mrs May Stalinist Lord Protector, Netenyahu Zionism Thought Police @GnasherJew #LabourAntisemitism RINOS ToryWetsAgainstTheresaStalinistsas and Conservatives Under Narrow Terms

them niggers, Jews and Sigma Nus All they ever do is breed And wops ‘n micks ‘n slopes ‘n spics ‘n spooks Are on my list And there’s one little heeb from the heart of Texas Is there anyone I missed?”Rhinos Twats Cunts and Trots and Ruskies and the reds But St Theresa yall should know is an effin Stay- lin- ist.

SKRIPAL: Race-card games at Westminster as 81 Novichok patents found in the US.

methoughtful Labour in Old Race Scandal, Tories in New Race Scandal. What started as an observation about Jeremy Corbyn’s embrace of anti-Semitism in the past (service ball via Tory spin HQ) has been returned by a Labour volley blasting what Mother Theresa did as Home Secretary to West Indians. Meanwhile, thanks to some solid investigative journalism, Russian claims that more Novichok is available in the US than the RF have been proved correct.
The old masthead at The Slog used to say everything now is distortion and distraction. Not much has changed in the eight years since.
What should be the top news story today will be ignored completely by the old Western media, because it fires yet another torpedo into the Skripal hoax, which was of course the ‘Sarajevo moment’ that led to the Missile strike against Assad.
We’ve already seen in these columns how 70 out of…
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  3. By Peter Hitchens Logic and I agree with Him, Theresa May is Stalinist, where that leaves Corbyn I really do not know.
    I had a crack at figuring it out in this video.
    Stalin´s Idea of Subsidiarity and Proportionality according to krushev.
    When Stalin Died Krushev denounced him, Brexit is an analogue for the denunciation of the EU (Stalin) yet the EU is still alive or though diminished. I quote the passage in Krushevs´ Speech as it deals with Stalins´ treatment of the Yugoslav crisis.
    One can draw one´s own conclusions, but I draw parallels to Putin, To Syria to the Ukraine and of course the Slovenian debt crisis of a few years back. ´´Once as Tragedy and then as Farce´´ Indeed. The parallels to the Errancy of the UK, by some measures and rhetoric, are startling.
    Speech Delivered: February 24-25 1956;
    At the Twentieth Congress of the CPSU February 24-25 1956, Khrushchev delivered a report in which he denounced Stalin’s crimes and the ‘cult of personality’ surrounding Stalin. This speech would ultimately trigger a world-wide split:
    It is clear that the creation within the Politbiuro of this type of commissions – “quintets,” “sextets,” “septets” and “nonets” – was against the principle of collective leadership. The result of this was that some members of the Politbiuro were in this way kept away from participation in reaching the most important state matters.
    One of the oldest members of our Party, Klimenty Yefremovich Voroshilov, found himself in an almost impossible situation. For several years he was actually deprived of the right of participation in Politbiuro sessions. Stalin forbade him to attend Politbiuro sessions and to receive documents. When the Politbiuro was in session and comrade Voroshilov heard about it, he telephoned each time and asked whether he would be allowed to attend. Sometimes Stalin permitted it, but always showed his dissatisfaction.
    Because of his extreme suspicion, Stalin toyed also with the absurd and ridiculous suspicion that Voroshilov was an English agent.
    (Laughter in the hall.)
    It’s true – an English agent. A special tap was installed in his home to listen to what was said there.
    (Indignation in the hall.)
    By unilateral decision, Stalin had also separated one other man from the work of the Politbiuro – Andrey Andreyevich Andreyev. This was one of the most unbridled acts of willfulness.
    Looking at the experiences of different countries under the European Union Enlargement since Maastricht and the Political tourniquets applied ever tighter since Lisbon and one sees all of the Failings of Stalinist Five-year plans and a sort of Lysenkoism regarding their efficacy
    A doubling down on the insistence upon an elite narrative of Ideal reality which simply could never become the Picture of any objective observer.
    Meanwhile, Brexit is headed into the Long Grass where the determined punt from the Stalinist tory C U N T S always intended it to go.
    Meanwhile, The Anti Semite Netanyahu Zionist thought police paid me a visit recently.
    @Gnasherjew #LabourAntiSemitism.
    Gnasher and I attended the madrassa of hard left Anarchism, I await reprisals.



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