Reality cannot be put on a bumper sticker and then used as a blueprint for life.

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#Viens Of Wealth, Storage and Distribution of Scarce resources, Protection, Hierarchy Centralisation, Determinism, Parmenides.
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Reality cannot be put on a bumper sticker and then used as a blueprint for life.
There are plenty of Green Energy Films and television series, and as with all anthropological commentary, there is lots of information.
Fully Charged is a compendium of a lot of what is happening now. My own interests are actually in cryptographic blockchain distributed computing, which has a lot to do with the “Internet of Things.” My particular interest is in trustless contracts which will enable Exchange and trade without centralised administration. In effect full subsidiary.
Localised, directly democratised, direct democracy in real time. With my methods of visualisation, I look at what we call Alternative energy as a Portfolio system interacting across communities and family household relationship groups.
Inputs and outputs are social interreactions, they constitute sharing and trading relationships. These we are accustomed to in our everyday lives but, instead of Abstract monetary measures intermediated by centralised Government/Corporate entities, our exchanges and available resources will be Acquired, stored and distributed according to calorific energy measurements.

Our wallet of resources will be based upon our portfolio of generated Energy units drawn from our Basic Energy dividend from the Commons and the Earned or Surplus energy credits we create from our own Cooperative or individual creative and service-based work enterprises.
With a Political Economy Centred upon the energy units which give us life and not monetary units which intermediate access to the necessaries of life. The systems being developed on Ethereum, Bitcoin and IPFS, SWARM and Internet IO platforms By many people now, will fairly quickly replace the Central Bank, WTO, IMF, World Bank, National Central Bank Models.
This highly centralised model, which has done so much harm in the realisation of the full technological capacity of Mankind in symbiosis with nature.

The Challenges are challenges of imagination and conceptualization which are cultural and anti-ethical and mutually exclusive from a Capitalist mode of production. Our current system of Political Economy is a Debt based system revolving around maintaining monopoly power based on an assumption of  Scarcity and following from that the need for security authority and if needs be, coercion.

With this mindset, all questions are reduced to Violence and control, Typically as now. Patriarchial and centralised and authoritarian. The Matrifocal symbiotic view of the modern technological potential for political economy is what decentralised distributed systems allow.
This approach fosters smaller units of localised energy generation and also subsidiarity. These localised models create space for the manufacture of component supply chains, permaculture and a liberation from Mono Culture (Debt Based ) cash crops.
Geoffrey Bateson wrote one of My Favourite Books, An Ecology of Mind. In it, he talks about the cultural assumptions and differences in them as between those living in the USA, and Those of US Brought up with British Sensibilities.
At the margin of a Paradigm shift, as we have been for the past 40 years, since the Nixon Shock in 1972. What has been projected into our thinking of the future is an old view of political economy from the past. Re-reading Tragedy and Hope again yesterday, it struck me how clearly Quigley’s analysis was flawed by his unshakeable belief that the USA Hegemony was by then, 1967, fully secured along the lines of his and the establishments ideal of Liberal Democracy.
The vision of a Green Political Economy should be founded in cornucopian optimism and not in the pessimistic resignation of a Dystopian decline into barbarism. Barbarism is the last resort of tyranny and On this question from another favourite book,

“The whole question, therefore, respecting not only the advantage but even 
the quantity of national wealth resolves itself finally into one of abstract justice. It is impossible to conclude, of any given mass of acquired wealth, merely by the fact of its existence, whether it signifies good or evil to the nation in the midst of which it exists. Its real value depends on the moral sign attached to it, just as sternly as that of any mathematical quantity depends on the algebraical sign attached to it. Any given accumulation of commercial wealth may be indicative, on the one hand, of faithful industries, progressive energies, and productive ingenuities: or, on the other, it may be indicative of mortal luxury, merciless tyranny, ruinous chicane. Some Treasures are heavy with human tears, as an ill-stored harvest with untimely rain; and some gold is brighter in sunshine than it is in rain.”
John Ruskin, from ‘The Veins of Wealth’.
Unto this Last.

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