Local Elections 2018, Confirmation Biases, Bias Purdah and Web 3.0

The permanent States, propaganda machine and its claxons in the Corporate Media, they are all working for the same Oligarchy, are pulling out all the stops in maintaining the Big Lies and if they are failing to make the Porkies Stick they then resort to trying to put people off engaging.

The Polling Industry is just another branch of the media designed to reinforce the confirmation biases of the ”So-Called Experts.

Last Mays Elections of the local sort had the massive spinning against Corbyn in full effect and I did this Blog,


The Rovian Turn in Election punditry, Lies Damned Lies and Statistics. #Corbyn4PM 

The scripted narrative will surely deliver a Tory landslide or will it? We will see tomorrow how strong the Establishment spin machine remains in France. There seems to be rather a lot of Rovian type telekinesis being practised by the Neo-Liberal apologists who invariably do not acknowledge their ideological master.


Survation seems set to shame their unworthy Peers in this set of elections as well.

London Council Election Polling. Survation on behalf of LAB 51 (+8) CON 31 (+1) LD 12 (+2) OTH 6 (-11) Fieldwork 27th-30th April (Change vs 2014 result, all options presented) Full details:

Relative to 2015 and 2016 the Labour Party is in an incredibly strong position, you will recall that the General election last summer caught out the so-called experts the primary reason for this apart from the poisoned well of dubious skewed sample populations was the rules of balance in reporting leading up to General elections. The Corporate Media especially the BBC has to have Balance for a period of purdah before the General elections. It is this fact, in addition to the poor sample methodology, that should be taken into account in How Labour With Jeremy Corbyn as Leader is actually doing.


Social Media or the Internet will only improve the chances of balance being available to Voters looking for a balanced reporting of the State of the Nation as it were, The distributed Web is still embryonic but by 2022 it will be fully functioning, Web 3. is censorship immune not many years left for the Fascist Permanent State to destroy Liberty. http://letthemconfectsweeterlies.blogspot.se/2017/06/survation-and-survey-monkey-called-it.html

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