Reality Check – the Tories DID NOT win the local elections

turnout 36.3%

Reality Check – the Tories DID NOT win the local elections.

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May 4, 2018
A case of ‘ He’s not the messiah, es’s a very naughty boy’
The Polling is as malignant as the financial rating agencies and the narratives are fueled by Confirmation Bias and Best and Psychotic delusions at worse.
I looked at the Polling before the 2017 election based upon the 2017 local elections and some other work on how relevant were the 2015 locals to the then to be 2020 General Election.
As Kit says in this article the Media and its Biases are Key, another part of that is that in Local Elections its a hardcore of regular die-hard voters who have already made up their mind, the swing vote lives in the majority of people who make their mind up based upon what they read, see and talk about in the days and weeks running up to the general election, ( one of Lytton Crosby’s key metrics is to identify your swing vote), this time period has the crucial requirements of Media Bias Purdah where all sides get a voice, even though Corporate media is becoming a great deal less powerful anybody who has a passing familiarity to Google Analytics knows that Traffic Spikes hugely if mentioned in the dead tree media or on The BBC or Broadcast Corporate Media.
One final ticking clock is web 3. Distributed serverless networks are now a reality, a little-discussed fact of Bit Torrent and Block Chain technology, Web 3 at the present state of development is probably 2 years away from the critical mass for network leverage it does though accelerate its development exponentially from week to week. This is the battleground where the next election will be fought and expect the draconian use of the malicious communications act in a last establishment throw of the dice.
Turnout is key ( Local elections have a low turnout of voters whose minds are largely made up.)
Finally, how did the Tory Pig do at this Market according to Lytton Crosby’s own Measures?
Applying An analysis with the lens of Lynton Crosby’s 4 Elements in Campaigning, Namely;
Salience, ( Is it out there)
Relevance ( Do the people Give a Shit?)
Is it personally Relevant?
Differentiation ( They say That Too.)
Political Differences, Wheres the change, why change?
The point of Sale Execution (WTF?)
(Making the Lies Stick, Connect the policies to the Party.
Crosby says “if in Doubt Believe in something”, if your losing
then get someone else to do the Dirty work for you.
by Kit
A brief look over the headlines this morning would have you believing that yesterday’s local elections all went very badly for Labour. The Times has two headlines on this. Firstly:
Labour fail to seize ground in biggest test since general election
Corbyn never recovered from botched response to Salisbury spy poisoning
The Daily Mail, bastion of subtlety and common sense, simply went with:
Whilst Katy Balls, political correspondent for the Spectator headlined her Guardianopinion piece with:
The Tories are no longer scared. They now know Corbyn isn’t the messiah


…which is one of the most spectacular straw men I have ever seen. I don’t personally recall anyone calling Corbyn “the Messiah”, or what effect this supposed divinity would (or indeed should) have on the Peterborough council elections. As for the Tories being “afraid”…
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