Betting Market Next PM and Date of next election, Buy Corbyn PM at 11/2 and Autumn Election at 6-1

Original Post 8th May. Go To Bottom of Page for odds screen caps and see them racing in.

Expect to see the odds come in sharply for an Autumn election a bet now for an autumn election is very good value at around 6-1 on. Also, Corbyn has to be a good value bet at 11/2 on the spread is fairly wide down to 3-1 on at William Hills expect the other Shops to pull in their offers as I say 11/2 from Paddy Power looks great value that can not last.

An Autumn election at 6-1 on and Corbyn as next PM at 11/2 on seems like a tenner well spent I’d say. This sort of generosity from the Bookies is to good to last.
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Yesterday 9th July  Jeremy Corbyn Bookies Favourite With Gove and Javid Joint Second Favourites Rees Magg at 10-1 and Bozzer at 14’s. Jeremy Hunt at 16’s pre Appointment as Bozzers replacement.

Today 10th July  Sajid Javid now Bookies Favourite for PM and Next Tory Leader.

8th of may article Commentary 

  1. Mogg and Corbyn Joint Favourites for next PM. ( More or less.
    Jacob Rees-Mogg
    4 5 4 4 4 5 9/2 4 4
    Jeremy Corbyn
    4 9/2 3 11/2 11/2 9/2 5 9/2 4
    Michael Gove
    12 5 11 9 9 5 10 7 9
    Boris Johnson
    8 14 9 8 8 14 12 8 9
    Emily Thornbury
    14 14
    After the local elections I wondered if Thornberry might be a stalking horse for a Corbyn Challenge Truth is everyone knows the result was actually very good and in a General the purdah period will see a similar bounce to the Labour Party.
    I think May is now Toast and the sooner she is dispatched the better chance the Topries Have. Mogg would give Corbyn a run for his money but The Tories have still bnot been punished as the Lib Dems were for the Coalition and of course things have gone from bad to worse since then.
    I really think that the Rovian wishful thinking just stops people seeing it John to me it seems pretty clear. And apparently to the Bookies too, I take the Bookies over the Pollsters any day of the week frankly.
  2. Odds of another election this year must be shortening John so we will see if your assertion is correct. I suspect you are wrong and that The New Democratic Socialist Labour Party will do very well in the polls against a May Led Tory Party. The Tories will suffer until they rediscover real conservative values and ditch the Neo Liberal Voodoo.
    The Labour Party has a huge Membership and it overwhelmingly returned Jeremy Corbyn as its leader. Our politics is not a presidential Politics in spite of the best efforts of Blair and earlier Lady Thatcher.
    Did you ever watch Lexit the Movie or have you recently brushed up ion the tradition of Labour Party Skepticism of the EU. Peter Shore and Tony Benn etc.
    The minimum effort required is to watch these three clips in the Lexit movie
    pay particular attention to the Finnish Shipping Labour Law Case at 47 mins ( Viking Case, Estonian Flag of convenience). Or Train Privatisation in The EU at 16mins. Eu Austerity policies at 22mins.
    Peter Shore

Update May 11th Survation Polling You Gove earlier Published on BBC was largely done beofre Windruss Scandal.


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    #MayisToast but is Brexit Toast?
    This is why there is much talk of backbench MPs not just taking over the Brexit decision but the whole machinery of government – by appointing someone trusted by all sides (as yet unidentified) from the backbenches as a Brexit caretaker PM in charge of a temporary government of national unity.

    Will this revolt of the Commons against the PM and entire executive happen?

    The mechanics of such a fully fledged coup are tricky.

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