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Towards a reading list

Posted on May 8 2018
A new commentator has said this morning:
Thanks to your writings on this blog, I am interested in learning about modern monetary theory in some detail. Doubtless your “The Joy of Tax” will contain a fair bit about it (and I will be getting my hands on a copy as soon as I can), but can you recommend any other books on the subject of MMT for the (mathematically literate, in my case) layman? For that matter, do you by chance have any other texts you regard as essential for non-specialists? Thank you very much.
A reading list is one of those things I keep on thinking of doing, and don’t achieve.
I know we have been here before. But suggestions please? And maybe they could then go in the Wiki (which is another thing I mean to do, and don’t get round to doing).
I would nominate my own books. But what then?
Steve Keen, Debunking Economics is my first choice for the vaguely mathematically literate.
Now, what would you add? I don’t want to dominate this, partly for my own interest.
And is there a volunteer who might then like to write it all up? I would be happy to include links to a vendor, but not Amazon, for obvious reasons. Waterstones would do for me: at least it keeps books on the High Street as well.
My Suggestions, Not sure if they will get published so here they are.
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    Bernard Leitaer The future of money bernard Leitaer pdf download
    Helmuth Kreutz the Money Syndrome.
    I find Wrays writing much easier to digest than Mitchells this Paper he did for the Levy Institute is excellent.
    full list for wray on Levy Institute web site
    This is an excellent video Series from Mike Maloney
    What I have found in the ten plus years I have been studying this seriously is that the questions have become sharper I started really with Tomlinson and the Michael Journal
    There are some great documentary films as well I have embedded many of them on this web page.
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  3. Neil Wilson is for me the best Blogger on MMT his analysis and critical thought is peerless in the field.

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