Prevention is better than Cure. Proactive Mind Control and You. #CONTEST #Prevent #BigBrother #1984

This Piers Robinson Tweet today regarding Murdoch’s puppet media outlets demonising freedom of academic enquiry is the tip of an IceBerg or the Entrance to a Rabbit Hole that leads into A Warren. My Comment on the Article in question is reproduced below. Welcome to the Rabbit Hole, Warren etc.

On my Conquest of Dough Multi-Media Novel website I say this,.
In Setting Out these pages I am acutely aware that with each link, each map and each Film, readers are on the edge of a Labaryth of rabbit holes and may be nervous of the charge, if found furtively, browsing these pages of, “Conspiracy Theorist”. Take heart, no conspiracies are required. What is, however, apparent is manipulation, especially of the psychological variety. Fear of the label Conspiracy Theorist is but one such of these psychological manipulations. ( See SCADS for further re-assurance.)
So for negotiating this Labarynth, I offer this rather long, although informative, Ball of String ( As Ariadne gave to Theseus), a Dialogue that was published in the early seventies of a disputation between Skousen and Quigley,Authors both of Two Books dealing with the same material as dealt with here on this site and by extention the Novel , “The Conquest of Dough”
So take good head of the Old Poem, The Elephant of Hindustan and Read this diialogue ,

this case as meticulously documented by Kevin Galalae in the late naughties and Early 2010’s reveals how deeply ingrained this problem is now in British Society.

We have an Establishment hijacked by a Paranoid Cohort who fears its own (Subjects) Citizens)

Of Course, Spinoza’s famous Lines are relevant here.
“Better that right counsels be known to enemies than that the evil secrets of tyrants should be concealed from the citizens. They who can treat secretly of the affairs of a nation have it absolutely under their authority; and as they plot against the enemy in time of war, so do they against the citizens in time of peace.” ― Baruch Spinoza

Here is why I believe that I have a duty to expose Britain’s spy activities on Canadian, and indeed on all, students:

1. It is illegal, hence it violates privacy laws, the Data Protection Act, expressional rights, education law, and a variety of human rights, both in Britain and its equivalents in Canada and elsewhere, to name but a few. It also prejudices and distorts the adjudication of legitimate complaints, as my experience amply demonstrates, silences the media, which are supposed to act as the guardians of truth, and renders civil society powerless, leaving no one and no institution strong enough to ensure that the government respects the law.

2. It is subject to abuse, as my case also demonstrates. If this has happened to me, I shudder to think what happens to British citizens whose ideas are found to be to the dislike of Britain’s secret services and who are within the reach of Britain’s secret service goons. What criteria are used to decide who should be purged from Britain’s universities and what consequences follow? Who oversees the censors and inquisitors? Are they accountable to anyone? Obviously not, since they operate in secret and outside the bounds of the law. Have I already been placed on a no-fly list as punishment for my efforts to expose this spy program? Will Britain seek to punish me further down the road by tampering with the breaks of my car or stabbing me in the back in a dark alley? Who is to know? Isn’t this what Britain’s intelligence agencies have been doing since their inception in places far and near? Will American border guards copy my hard drive and tear my car apart next time I cross into the US? Most likely they will.

3. It perverts the academic environment. There can be no free debate if secret service agents with secret agendas control the exchange of ideas and decide who can graduate and who cannot. In such an environment only subjects deemed to be politically safe will be objectively discussed and only topics that meet with the censors’ approval will be funded. Furthermore, is the information the government collects on students used to prevent graduates from obtaining government jobs because they are deemed to have the wrong political inclinations? My case already demonstrates that strong criticism of Britain’s foreign policy is sufficient grounds to prevent students from graduating. But what happens if one’s criticism only marginally offends the secret service?

4. It creates a society of mistrust, where citizens spy on citizens and everyone must guard what he or she says in order not to offend the powers to be and to conform. Having been born and raised in communist Romania, I know how easy it is for such a cancer to spread and how toxic it can be for society. Before long, an environment of mutual suspicion affects everyone and everything.

5. It impoverishes and eventually kills the democratic process. Why? Because it excludes opinions that question the status quo and the people who hold them from the political process and, more importantly, from the public discourse.

6. It is a betrayal of students’ trust. No one likes to pay good money to be spied on and punished for ideas freely expressed in an environment of learning, an environment that is purportedly sacrosanct. Innocent young men and women are unbeknown to them sowing the seeds of their own destruction and exclusion rather than constructing a better future for themselves. By expressing views that run contrary to the interests of the elites, young people are being secretly branded as “enemies of the state” by government agents who spy on them and who have the power to interpret others’ opinions any which way they like.

7. In a time of acute credentialism, it has the potential to distort the political process of nations who employ graduates from British universities duly screened to conform to British values and educated not to question the wisdom of British policies. Britain, one must remember, graduates more foreign students than any other nation except the USA. The supremacy of the English language, as the language of global communication, confers unfair advantages to the universities of English-speaking nations, and Britain is abusing this advantage.

8. It criminalizes thought.

9. It politicizes teaching and learning.

10. It is plain stupid and a waste of taxpayers’ money. No terrorist takes a university course to announce his aggressive intentions. If anything, those with destructive plans will paint a totally different picture of themselves and their tendencies. In the faint hope of preventing a terrorist plot, the British government is wasting millions if not hundreds of millions (depending on the extent of this program) of taxpayers’ money and untold human resources that could be better used for more constructive pursuits. No wonder Britain’s deficit has skyrocketed! Worse, the freedoms and values the British government purports to defend are the first victims of this spy and censorship program. Kevin Galalae.Kevin’s Experiences are also recounted in other spheres of Public and Civic Life, other programs such as Co-intel Pro, (see Chomsky Marr Interview, )

And Mass Surveillance ( See Campbell,) )

(April 16, 2011) This first of two articles relate to links between left gatekeeping and so-called “alternative” media. How Left Gatekeeping Foundations Suppress Dissent Ever since the October 2008 economic collapse, American workers have faced unprecedented “austerity cuts,” with major hits on their livelihoods and labour and pension rights. Yet Americans, unlike the rest of the world, don’t respond by taking to the street. Why is this? Why are the typical American response apathy and passive acquiescence instead of the militant protest, even rioting, that occurs everywhere else? The Deep State, Peter Dale Scott’s term for a shadowy network of government officials and corporate elite that operates secretly behind the façade of democracy (see, seems to rely on two main strategies in suppressing opposition to their agenda. The first involves rigid censorship of the corporate controlled media. The second involves a large interlocking network of so-called NGO’s

Welcome to the Rabbit Hole.

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